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Make Moose a Must when you visit Maine!

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Make Moose a Must when you visit Maine!  Make the most out of your Maine vacation with the best moose tour experience.  Did you know?Maine-moose-tours

  • The flap of skin under the moose’s throat is called a bell.
  • Moose have no top front teeth.
  • After the first calf, moose often have twins and can even have triplets.
  • Moose have very poor eyesight and can only see about 25 feet.
  • Moose have an excellent sense of smell -those big noses are good for something!
  • Only male moose grow antlers, which they shed in early winter and re-grow during the year.  The main function of moose antlers is for display during mating season (September).
  • Moose are crepuscular, meaning they are most active during dawn and dusk.

The search for Moosehead’s most famous resident -the moose- is an exciting and wild experience, and yes!- moose are bigger than you could ever imagine! Maine moose can weigh 1,000+ pounds and stand over seven feet tall!  Did you know that moose in our area outnumber people from 3 to 1? That is because Maine is one of the few states with a thriving moose population and the Moosehead Lake area and North Maine Woods is home to these giants.Maine Fall Foliage Moose Watching

Even though our moose population is strong, visitors still need some added help to know where to look to spot a moose. Our registered Maine guides can help with that!   Our moose watching tours run in the morning and evenings daily and are centered around the habitat of moose; when they are moving to feed, grazing in the wood lots, chomping on the pond weeds and providing a natural, scenic and wild experience.  Our guides take guests to secluded ponds where moose feed, undisturbed, on vegetation -pond weed is high in sodium and a delicacy for moose! When the pond vegetation is not a prevalent in early Spring and Fall, guides know of the secret hideouts in the Maine woods to spot moose and take guests for maximum moose sighting opportunities.  Wild experiences like moose watching are unique experiences that guests visiting Maine must do. Prepare to be wildly wowed on our wildlife and moose watching tours.

Tips for the best moose watching:

  • The best times to see moose are early in the morning or around dusk.  Remember, moose are crepuscular?!
  • The best time of year to see the most moose on Northeast Whitewater Moose Watching tours is in May, June and July.  But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go moose watching in August, September or October. Just make sure to check with Northeast Whitewater guest services about the best time and which tour (van versus canoe) is best during that time.
  • Moose prefer shady, wet areas such as bogs and marshes or woodlots with new sapling growth.  
  • Be cautious driving after dark and be alert for any moose in the road.  

Even though our moose population is healthy, hiring a guide to find moose is wise and will make your search for moose much easier.  Moose tours are offered 7 days a week, morning and evening at Northeast Whitewater. Due to the popularity of our moose watching and wildlife tours, please schedule in advance.  Guests that plan last minute are not always able to join a moose tour due to limited space. We offer many unique ways to moose and wildlife watch with us. Choose from a moose canoe tour or land tour by van to see moose with a group of moose lovers or maybe you are seeking a more personalized private experience, than we offer private moose and wildlife safaris.  Whatever way wildlife and moose watching sounds appealing to you, we have the best guides to provide the best wildlife and moose tour experience. Make MOOSE a MUST when you visit Maine, by planning a Moose Tour with us!  Contact Northeast Whitewater for the best moose tour experience 207-695-0151.

The Best Moosehead Outdoor Adventure

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maine-wildlife-toursNortheast Whitewater Lodge, Campground and Guide Service is a small, locally owned Maine outfitter known for our Moosehead Outdoor Adventure trips and tours, outdoor instruction programs, Maine yurts and adventure vacation packages.  When you visit Maine’s Moosehead Lake area, you are hiring the best guides, with the most training, leading trips and tours to the best areas for your best Moosehead outdoor adventure.

We pride ourselves on being Maine’s leader in outdoor instruction, with focus on safety in the Maine woods and on the water.  Our registered Maine guides are prepared for the unexpected, with wilderness first aid training.  Wilderness training is important when hiring the best guides to lead wilderness trips; when in the woods, away from medical care, guests can be confident our Maine guides are the best to handle critical situations.  In addition to our wilderness first aid training, our guides are trained in Swiftwater rescue so that kayak, canoe and raft trips and tours are always safely lead by skillful guides to keep you safe and have an enjoyable experience.  Our Maine guides are also experienced in orienteering, navigation with map and compass, group management skills and trip leading in the Maine woods.  Anyone that is interested learning more about our outdoor instruction and training programs can participate in our courses based on interest or goals to enjoy outdoor adventures safely on your own.

The North Maine woods is made up of 3.5 million acres of forestland and home to the largest lake in Maine – Moosehead Lake – made up of the most wilderness islands in the eastern United States.  So, taking a kayak or boat onto Moosehead Lake without preparing for the excursion or without hiring a guide is daunting.  Be prepared and we can help!  The Moosehead Lake area is a vast, scenic and wild place.  There are numerous mountains for day hikes, half day outings or more rugged overnight treks.  Within the Moosehead Lake area and nearby to Northeast Whitewater are 30 waterfalls.  The Grand Canyon of Maine is within 10 miles of Northeast Whitewater Moosehead Outdoor Adventures and a guest favorite!

maine bull mooseNot quite ready to tackle the North Maine Woods and waters on your own?  Hire Northeast Whitewater guides to lead you on a Moosehead Outdoor Adventure to remote areas for the best and most informative, safely guided trip.  Our #1 activity is our Maine Moose Watching Wildlife Tours and Safaris!  Since the Moosehead Lake area is the best place in Maine to see the Eastern American moose, you have chosen the best Moosehead area guide service for your moose tour and wildlife safari.  Uniquely positioned between two major rivers, Northeast Whitewater rafting trips are offered for fun family river rafting on our Kennebec river rafting trip and scenic and wild Penobscot river rafting for the more adventurous rafting enthusiasts.

northeast whitewater yurtMaking our vacation packages affordable, unique and memorable for college students, newlyweds, couples and families of all ages and group trips for scouts, summer camps and adventure gatherings has always been at the heart of what we do here at Northeast Whitewater – provide a safe place in the Maine woods for the best Moosehead Outdoor Adventure you choose!  Stay with us in our yurts; choice of family gathering or friend adventure outing in our bunk bed yurts or a more intimate in the woods experience in our king bed yurts.  You can camp with us in our private wooded campsites or stay on the lake in our partner cabins or motel.  Whatever your pleasure when planning the best Maine adventure, let Northeast Whitewater be your guide to the best Moosehead Outdoor Adventure.  What are you waiting for?  All we need is you!  Contact Northeast Whitewater 207-695-0151 to plan your best Moosehead outdoor adventure and book now.



The Best Moose Tour

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The Best Moose Tour

Northeast Whitewater strives daily to provide the best moose tour.  We take the time to hire the best maine moose safariRegistered Maine Guides for wildlife and moose watching.  Our moose tours are centered around the best times to see moose in their natural habitat.  When it comes to delivering on the best customer service experience for guests when visiting the Moosehead Lake area who are excited to see the Maine woods, as well as our largest lake – Moosehead Lake – and to witness in person the icon of Maine’s north woods – Yes, Moose! Northeast Whitewater guides take Maine moose watching very seriously.  That is why Northeast Whitewater guides offer the best moose tour in Maine.

The Best Guides

When digging a bit deeper into your Maine moose and wildlife vacation plans, it’s best to hire guides maine-wildlife-toursthat want you to be successful in our your moose tour and wildlife sightings.  That is exactly why Northeast Whitewater guides are the best in the industry for guests when planning their best moose tour experience.  We want guests to enjoy the best possible times to be out in the Maine woods for the best possible moose tour sightings with our best guides.  This is why we time our moose and wildlife tours around the habitat of these amazing animals.  Just because we are ready for breakfast at 8 AM, doesn’t mean that moose have not been up for at least 2 hours prior, feeding in their natural habitat.  This is exactly the reason we want to put our guests on the best possible moose tour times to maximize moose tour sightings.

The Best Experience

Considering the seasonality of moose tours and our moose tour sightings, you must take into the following considerations for the best moose tour experience overall.

  1. Take the recommendation of an expert – when a local tells you that moose have been active in the early hours of the morning, get yourself up no matter how tired you are and get out there.
  2. Moose do not walk done the streets of small communities without getting big notoriety. Therefore, please understand that even though moose live in the middle of nowhere and you may feel like you are in the middle of nowhere, you must still get out a little further with your guide to experience the real, live natural places that moose roam.

The Best Moose Tour Times Based on the Seasons

With any luck, you will see moose and be thrilled with your amazing moose tour experience always.  But, sometimes you need a little extra guidance to pick the best moose tour, in order to maximize the most out of your vacation – we get it, it’s your goal to pack a lot in to a few days – take our advice for the best moose tour experience based on the time of year you are visiting Maine.

Land Tours by Van are best to maximize the most terrain in a short period of time.  Guides take guests moose tours by vanto known moose hideaways.  You will see moose actively feeding, seeking out a mate, as well as teaching their young survival skills that are necessary for a successful life in the Maine woods.  Land tours are best in September and October.  This is when vegetation on the ponds is no longer actively growing and moose retreat to the wood lots for their food.  This same thought process is important to consider in May, when the vegetation on ponds is not actively growing yet.  Therefore, May, September and October guests should opt for the land tours by van to see the most moose.

During late spring and the summer months (June – August) Moose Canoe Tours are great ways to get moose canoe tourout to see moose feeding on ponds.  Our moose canoe tours are our most popular moose and wildlife tour outings simply because the opportunity to canoe in on scenic, wild and remote woods pond is a spectacular adventure.  With moose living in these remote Maine wooded areas, feeding on these shallow ponds, it’s an amazing nature experience for everyone.  Needless to say, moose are not always feeding on the ponds when the weather is hot, so a morning tour is best in August versus an evening tour.  But, choosing an evening tour by canoe is typically the best to see the most moose in June and July!

The Best of Maine – Moose!

Northeast Whitewater takes pride in the history of our region, the heritage of our people and the unique wildlife that call this place home.  Moose are a unique and special part of this amazing place.  Fortunately, Northeast Whitewater guides get to show guests our natural world and one of the best parts of Maine – MOOSE.  Let Northeast Whitewater be your guide!  Go online or call 207-695-0151 for more information about our Maine moose watching and wildlife tours by land or canoe and our Private Moose Safaris and Wildlife Tours.  We look forward to guiding you into our Maine wildlife areas!

Scouting Trips Whitewater Adventure Programs

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Adventuring in the wilderness, whether on wild rivers, remote landscapes or vast lakes and scenic rivers makes a big impact in our lives.  The connection to nature and journey through these amazing places shapes individuals for a lifetime.  Northeast Whitewater Scouting Rafting Trips and Whitewater Adventure Programs promote character development, skills in the outdoors, connection to other scouts all the while building tight bonds and great memories.  Our Scouting Trips Whitewater Adventure Programs get scout troops to explore in the outdoors, while finding what is important to each scouts individuality.

scouting-tripsThe Kennebec River is the most popular Maine rafting trip and one of the finest stretches of whitewater in the country. High-volume water with dam-controlled flows means reliable water flows and fun for everyone!  The Kennebec river rafting trip is our #1 trip here at Moosehead Lake!  Our two rivers in two days package allows Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Scout troops and Venture Crews to raft the Kennebec day one and then step it up to raft the Penobscot river on day two. The Penobscot River is the most technical, scenic and wild Maine rafting trip. With picturesque views of Mt. Katahdin, heart pumping whitewater, and challenging rapids from class III-V, it’s a thrilling whitewater trip! 

By participating in either one of our 1 day rafting trips; Kennebec River or Penobscot River Rafting, scout troops can accomplish Whitewater Rafting BSA; all scouts must be active paddlers on a class I – IV river as engaged whitewater paddlers with our Registered Maine Whitewater Rafting Guides.  We encourage the scouts to be active participants paddling when our Whitewater Rafting Guides provided commands and our scout troops learn about river hydrology, progression of the river, the whitewater rafting equipment and have a day of fun whitewater rafting with Northeast Whitewater.

Whitewater Rafting BSA is not a merit badge, but Northeast Whitewater does offer Whitewater Merit Badge.  Whitewater Merit Badge is a two day merit badge program with a Whitewater Merit Badge scout adventure programscounselor.   There is both on and off the water classroom time, instruction and fundamentals of whitewater are discussed and scenarios are practiced. Our whitewater merit badge program is a 2 day whitewater adventure program.  The morning begins with classroom setting to discuss river hydrology, rapids, progression of the river and whitewater fundamentals.  The troops learn and practice using throw bags and mechanical advantage (Z drag is discussed).  We then practice with whitewater scenarios while on the river for each scout to demonstrate the skills required for whitewater merit badge, in addition to paddling class I-IV whitewater and the scout troops get the exciting opportunity to guide whitewater rafts!

After an adventurous day on the river and in the wilds of Maine, there’s nothing like enjoying an evening around the campfire at one of our wooded camp sites; troops can also enjoy on site volleyball, horseshoes, covered pavilion and modern bathhouse.  After a day of whitewater rafting and time spent adventuring in the wilderness, scouts connect in the evening to reflect on the day spent in the outdoors, exploring, growing and having fun together on their scouting trip and scout adventure.

Scouting Trips in amazing places shape those who venture!  Northeast Whitewater offers scout trip youth group pricing for all Girl Scout, Boy Scout, Scout Troops and Venturer scout crews when you have a minimum scouting group of 16.  Find more details regarding Scouting Trips and Merit Badge Adventure Programs at Northeast Whitewater or call our adventure coordinators at 207-695-0151.

Best Whitewater Rafting in Maine

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When you consider the best whitewater rafting in Maine; safety, fun and consistent water flows should be a big part of your research in making sure you are getting the best whitewater rafting trip with the best Maine rafting outfitter.  Since Northeast Whitewater is the only Maine whitewater rafting company certified in Swiftwater Rescue and is Maine’s leader in whitewater training, you are guaranteed to choose the safest company when you go whitewater rafting with us.  Fun – that one is easy – since we hire the best guides, with informative, funny personalities – guests are assured that the day will be entertaining from start to finish.  Consistent water flows is one that many people don’t realize when doing their research about going whitewater rafting and it’s an important consideration.  Here’s why:

Maine is the only state in the northeast that has guaranteed water flows every day, even when days are hot, sunny and dry in the peak of summer guests get consistent water flows and can enjoy whitewater rafting in Maine any season.  So what does that really mean for you?  You get the best whitewater rafting in Maine no matter the month, with guaranteed flows all season long.  Since choosing vacation time is about picking the best time to visit Maine in the summer for fun with family and friends, guests are fortunate to enjoy whitewater rivers during the best Maine weather.  The best whitewater rafting in Maine is easy to find with our best guided white water rafting trips listed here.

kennebec-river-raftingThe Kennebec river is Northeast Whitewater’s #1 rafting trip.  Since everyone can enjoy Kennebec river rafting it makes for the best whitewater rafting experience for families and friends.  The Kennebec river can be described best as big waves, big splashes, big thrills and BIG smiles all around the raft.

  • Daily Flows May – October; Ages 8+; Book Now.


Cribworks Rapid MaineGuest that are looking to step it up for more adventurous whitewater rafting choose the Penobscot river.  Our Penobscot river rafting is scenic and wild whitewater rapids ideal for the most adventurous whitewater enthusiasts.  Guests that opt for this rafting trip are most likely to see a moose on the bus ride to or from the river.

  • Daily Flows June – September; Ages 14+; Book Now.


Canada-falls-raftingCanada Falls is the most sought after dam release for whitewater enthusiasts since it uniquely offers one high water rafting release during the summer season.  Canada Falls rafting has 4 class V rapids (that means the most adventurous rafting classification), so you are guaranteed a whitewater thrill rafting steep drops and hydraulics.

Annual rafting trip; this year is August 31, 2019; Ages 14+; Book Now.


dead-river-raftingDon’t let the name of this river trip freak you out, but recognize it is not for the faint of heart.  Whitewater rafting the Dead River is a high water, fast moving rafting adventure that is sure to impress rafting diehards.  Go Dead river rafting in the fall on our annual last blast rafting trip.

  • Last rafting trip of the season; this year is October 5, 2019; Ages 12+


Whitewater rafting is one of the best ways for friends and family to reconnect with each other and soak in the best of the Maine outdoors.  Since rafting is an outdoor adventure ideal for ages 8+ visitors are sure to find the best whitewater rafting in Maine all season long.  So what are you waiting for?  Plan your best whitewater rafting in Maine adventure now and take advice from us – come anytime – you are guaranteed awesome whitewater flows every day when you go whitewater rafting in Maine!

Questions about the best whitewater rafting in Maine?  Contact Northeast Whitewater 207-695-0151. You can also browse our trip availability.  See you on the river. 🌊🌊🌊

Thank you for a great season!

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Thank you to our guests for making 2018 a great season at Northeast Whitewater Lodge, Campground & Guide Service.  Our guests truly make our job so much fun; from entertaining bus rides, rafting shenanigans, epic river runs, first time moose sightings and campfire stories that go on late into the night – each one of you made each day special.  Thank you!

What’s next at Northeast Whitewater?

2018 was packed full of adventures, training and projects.  Our small business continued to work on projects at our new outdoor adventure destination by adding a campground and yurts this year!  Both maine-yurt-campingour bunk bed and king bed yurts were very well received by our guests.  With very little promotion of the yurts in 2018, we were excited about the results.  By the time the yurts were ready to be rented (due to an extremely long winter and late start) it was the end of June and Northeast Whitewater activities were in full swing.  Needless to say, there are so many possibilities for the upcoming season with the yurts that we are already in the planning stages to make our awesome yurts even more unique!

New in 2019, Northeast Whitewater is building an outdoor covered pavilion at our campground entrance.  The concrete and posts are ready now and the roof will go on in the spring!  This will be a really nice addition to our new campground for those rainy days that guests want to cook at camp, but don’t want to get soaked, as well as a great way for our staff to serve our summer camp, recreation departments, Boy Scout troops and group meals at our large outdoor covered pavilion.  We are very excited about this addition to our Moosehead Lake area outdoor adventure facility.

Planning in our line of work never ends.  We are excited that this year 4 of our Northeast Whitewater guide staff will be attending the America Outdoors Association Conference in Daytona Beach Florida!   The America Outdoors Annual Conference & Outfitter Expo is the only event designed specifically for outfitters.  The 2018 conference is crafted to help businesses, operating in the outdoor adventure arena, tackle their biggest challenges in the areas of marketing, risk management, human resources and business management.  Most of all – it’s an amazing opportunity to connect with peers and celebrate the special culture of the outdoor industry!  We are looking forward to learning and of course having a great time together in Florida.

We are always planning for the upcoming season and hiring staff.  Even though the planning, marketing and customer service is year round, our operating season at Northeast Whitewater is seasonal, best-maine-summer-jobeach year we are posed with bringing on new staff at our seasonal guide service.  If you or you know of anyone interested in becoming a Maine guide, working as a rafting guide, wildlife interpretative guide, or trip leader in the Maine outdoors – Northeast Whitewater is hiring for 2019!  Get in touch with us, so we can talk about the opportunities we can offer you.

Hands down, Northeast Whitewater guides are the BEST TRAINED guides in our industry.  We are known as the training company in Maine.  To end the 2018 season, some of our Northeast Whitewater staff just completed a 4-day 40 hour Wilderness Advanced First Aid course and others obtained recertification for wilderness advanced first aid and wilderness first responder.  It was an awesome, informative and fun 4 days that finished up the season here at Northeast Whitewater.  Not only are our guides wilderness advanced trained responders, each one is trained above the required state of Maine guide licensing with Swiftwater Rescue training.  Our Swiftwater rescue training programs are our most popular and interactive outdoor education programs.  2019 dates will be posted online no later than December 1 – stay tuned.  If you require private instruction, get in touch with us now!

Save the dates for cool ways to save and connect with us during the winter months:

Annual Holiday Rafting Sale – this is your opportunity to buy coupons for whitewater rafting good for any river any day in the 2019 season at our lowest price during the entire year.  Just a reminder, you do not need to know your dates to buy the rafting coupons during our annual holiday sale; instead you simply get this amazing deal to then gift or redeem when you are ready!  No strings attached with no expiration dates.  Don’t miss the boat!  This fun holiday sale kicks off right after Thanksgiving and will run until Christmas.  Early bird sale.

Meet-up’s in 2019 – come see Northeast Whitewater guides at the following outdoor, camping & lifestyle trade shows:

Boston, MA: Boston RV & Camping Expo January 18-21, 2019

W. Springfield, MA: Springfield RV, Camping & Outdoor Show February 15-18, 2019

Worcester, MA: Worcester RV & Camping Show February 22-24, 2019

Thank you again for supporting our Maine small business.  We love our guests!  We are so appreciative that you chose to connect with us during your vacation and hope that you will come see us in 2019.  Thank you from all of us at Northeast Whitewater!  We hope to see you soon.

Moosehead Outdoor Adventures Checklist

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Northeast Whitewater is a nature based outdoor adventure guide service with on site yurts, ideal for families and friends to enjoy time together in the outdoors with a mix of education, fun, quality time and of course adventure.  We are your Moosehead Must Do!  When you start planning for your Moosehead Outdoor Adventures, look no further than our outdoor adventures checklist for your next adventure vacation when planning to visit Maine.  Northeast Whitewater entertains guests that love hardcore adventure and families seeking memorable moments spent in the outdoors learning about our area, the woods, the wildlife that live here – moose in particular – and world class whitewater rivers.  Located at Moosehead Lake and in the heart of moose country, guests choose from our yurts or tent camping and embrace whitewater rafting thrills, wildlife and moose watching, canoeing, kayaking, hiking or a simple day of relaxing.  Check out our Moosehead Outdoor Adventures Checklist to help with your next visit to Maine and it won’t be long now and you’ll be ready to pack your bags!

  • The first step is simplifying what to bring on vacation.  We get it, you want to make sure you have an outfit for every occasion, but is it really necessary?  Let’s get down to basics and keep packing simple.  T-shirt, shorts, bathing suit, long pants, sweatshirt or fleece, rain coat, sandals and a pair of sneakers cover the clothing that is suitable for really any activity spent in the outdoors.  These simple items allow you to layer, mix and match based on the weather and go swimming when the opportunity arises.
  • Packing for camping or a stay in our yurts?  Our yurt and camping checklist goes like this:
    • Pack your tent and tarp, sleeping bags, ground pads and pillow.  Don’t forget camp chairs for northeast-whitewater-yurtssitting around the camp fire, a headlamp, camp stove & fuel for grilling and chilling; fire starter, cooking pans, plates and utensils, biodegradable soap, sponges and drying cloth.  You will want to take showers after adventuring in the outdoors, so personal bathing products and towels for shower room are important.  If staying in our yurts; we provide bedding, pillows, blankets, fan, electricity and comfortable and unique space to sleep, visit – oh and stargaze through the dome at night!
  • Choosing the right adventures for you and your family: Our guest favorite Moosehead Outdoor Adventures is our Surf & Turf Package.  Two activities, two uniquely informative and fun guided trips and only two days is needed with your choice of 1 or 2 nights lodging stay.  Go whitewater Kennebec River Raftingrafting and surf up the river waves packaged with our wildlife tour to see the animal that rules the turf of the Moosehead Lake area – the infamous Maine moose!   Guests can join Northeast Whitewater guides on your choice of either a morning or evening moose watching tour, and choice of the Kennebec River or Penobscot River rafting trips, as well as choice of tent camping or king bed yurts or bunk bed yurts lodging stay.  Surf & Turf Adventure package is a great way to experience Maine!
  • We get it – you want to see the most of Maine while you are here.  Don’t fret.  You don’t need to have multiple days to get outside and adventure with us.   Choose from our full and half day trips moose toursand enjoy inflatable kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, ice cave excursion or waterfall hikes on one of our guided trips.  Short, quick and fun adventures start at 3 hour outings, or go all out on a Maine whitewater rafting trip!  Whatever the adventure Northeast Whitewater guides are fun to spend the day with when visiting the Moosehead Lake area!

Next steps: if you are intrigued, have questions or are ready for the best Maine outdoor adventure vacation and are ready to book your Moosehead Outdoor Adventures with Northeast Whitewater, you can give us a call at 207-695-0151 or Get Started with our helpful online reservations.  Don’t let summer slip away with out getting outside and adventuring with us.  We hope to see you on our Moosehead Outdoor Adventures soon!

Yurt So Good: 4 Yurts. 1 Amazing Place.

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It couldn’t “yurt” to choose a yurt when you start planning your next vacation.  When you think about northeast-whitewater-yurtsa yurt, you may have questions about what it a yurt is or why you should consider staying in a yurt.  It’s simple: the experience of bringing people together is easy in a yurt; there are no corners or obstacles, just a communal space to share and enjoy together.  Yurts not only bring people together, they are a uniquely, fun way to experience camping in the outdoors with modern comforts.  And did we mention how amazing yurt camping is when it’s raining?  Yurts keep you dry, out of the elements, all the while enjoying a camping experience with friends and family.  An unforgettably amazing nature vacation awaits; and it yurt so good!

Northeast Whitewater is located just south of Maine’s largest lake, Moosehead Lake.  The Moosehead Lake area is home to mountains, rivers, ponds, wildlife, moose and 3.5 million acres of forestland, known as the North Maine woods.  When you think about the vast surroundings in nature that surround us, it’s quite simply one amazing place.  Northeast Whitewater is well known as the Moosehead Maine-moose-toursArea Outdoor Adventures, with experienced Maine guides that lead guests on informative, interactive and exceptional guided trips – and our guides are fun to spend the day with!  When you stay at Northeast Whitewater, you can choose from our king bed yurts that sleep 1-2 guests or more family circled bunk bed yurts that sleep up to 6 per yurt.  Northeast Whitewater has 4 yurts and 1 amazing place for  all Moosehead Lake Things to Do.  With outdoor adventures and on site activities for whitewater rafting, moose canoe tours, waterfall hikes and paddle boarding; you may find that challenging the guides at a game of volleyball means that much more!

Considering what to do on your next camping trip?  Visit Maine’s Moosehead Lake area and stay at Northeast Whitewater in our yurts!  No need to worry about packing a tent and all that camping gear, instead grab your personal items and come ready for some time well spent in the outdoors, enjoying the stars each night from the yurt dome, sleep in a comfy bed and let Northeast Whitewater be your guide to some amazing adventures all right here at Moosehead Lake!

Interested in more information about Northeast Whitewater Yurts?  We are glad to help!  Get started by contacting Northeast Whitewater today!  207-695-0151

Penobscot Rafting Adventures

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Penobscot Rafting Adventures start with guests seeking an adventurous whitewater rafting experience in Maine with the best mix of scenery and adrenaline rush on Maine’s Penobscot River. Take a step further and choose the best whitewater rafting guides that not only love rafting the Penobscot River, but take pride in offering exceptionally exciting Penobscot Rafting adventures, by showcasing their whitewater rafting skills, outdoor-loving personalities, and knowledge required to have the best, safest class V Penobscot River whitewater rafting adventure in Maine!

nesowadnehunk-fallsOur #1 Penobscot River rafting adventure is our full river rafting trip; challenge the whitewater rapids from class III-V whitewater excitement!  You will whitewater raft over a natural waterfall known as Nesowadnehunk Falls; whitewater surf the falls or enjoy a natural rockslide downstream knows as Nesowadnehunk Stream.  Better known as “the stream”; it’s a beautifully smooth rock ledge that guests enjoy swimming down and sliding into the large eddy pool at the bottom.  Abol and Pockwockamus Falls offer class III-IV whitewater, with big waves, turbulent holes and exciting whitewater.

penobscot-river-maineEnjoy our riverside BBQ lunch mid day.  Our Registered Maine raft guides serve up hearty home cooked BBQ of steaks, chicken, vegetable stir fry rice, pasta salad, bread and brownies.  This is a great feast to get guests fueled up for the adrenaline rush of our Penobscot rafting adventures challenging the rapids of the gorge and Penobscot River cribworks.  The class V Penobscot River gorge and cribworks rapid are the most adventurous whitewater rafting sections with big waves, steep drops, huge boulders and beefy hydraulics.  This is an adventurous rafting section only for the most adventurous whitewater rafters.  After the big stuff, take a dip in the river before tackling Class IV Amberjackwockamus falls, or “Amberjack”.  This rapid is all about surfs up and a super spot to surf the rapids!

penobscot-river-gorgeThe most adventurous guests will request our Double Trouble Penobscot River Whitewater Rafting trip.  This adrenaline whitewater ride is double the class V’s because we raft the Penobscot river gorge twice!  If you think our Penobscot Rafting Adventures sounds like a great way to get wet and have a wild whitewater ride, then jump in on the action and join Northeast Whitewater for Penobscot River rafting.  Northeast Whitewater provides all necessary safety and rafting equipment, transportation to and from the river, grilled riverside BBQ, well trained rafting guides – that are fun to spend the day with – and a Penobscot rafting adventure that is sure to delight!

Check out our Two Rivers in Two Days whitewater rafting packages to get the most whitewater rafting packed into two days on our Kennebec River rafting trip and Penobscot River rafting trip for a mix of whitewater fun for families to fanatics. Whatever the whitewater rafting adventure you choose, Northeast Whitewater has the best whitewater rafting adventures for you!  We look forward to seeing you whitewater rafting in Maine with Northeast Whitewater.  For more information call 207-695-0151 or reserve your Penobscot Rafting Adventures today.

Moosehead Outdoor Adventures

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When you visit New England, you will find that Maine has countless adventures worthy of recognition.  Dig a little deeper, Northeast Whitewater is at the heart of Maine outdoor adventures with activities for families and fanatics at Moosehead Lake.  Our Moosehead Outdoor Adventures appeal to the most adventurous spirits or those seeking a quieter experience in the Maine woods.  Northeast Whitewater has the best mix of Moosehead outdoor adventures from whitewater rafting in Maine, to seeking out moose on one of our daily moose watching tours, and the Moosehead Lake area is home to over 20 waterfalls within 10 miles of Northeast Whitewater – the best mix of Moosehead Outdoor Adventures is right here – all we need is you!  Choose from our most popular Moosehead outdoor adventures, whether that be a half or full day trip or our popular stay and play packages.

kennebec-river-raftingOur #1 whitewater rafting trip at Moosehead Lake is our Kennebec River Whitewater Rafting trip.  The headwaters of the Kennebec River begin at Moosehead Lake.  Northeast Whitewater is the only Maine rafting company located at Moosehead Lake and we take care of our guests by providing transportation to and from the river for the day trip, provide all necessary equipment and enjoy our riverside BBQ half way through the day.  Enjoy big, high volume, whitewater waves and rapids best suited for all ages 8+ and older!  The Kennebec River is Northeast Whitewater’s most popular whitewater rafting trip and is the perfect rafting trip for families to enjoy together.   Step it up a notch for our more adventurous Penobscot River whitewater rafting trip in our two rivers in two days package at Moosehead Lake!

maine-moose-watchingWhat is most unique about our location at Moosehead Lake besides being the only rafting company here?  We have the highest population of moose in the state!  Guests have the wonderful opportunity to see a moose with us on many of our Moosehead outdoor adventures or you can opt to join us on our daily moose watching tours by land or canoe.  Our Maine moose tours are centered on the moose habitat and run in the morning and evenings daily.  Moose Watching with Northeast Whitewater is a must when you are in search of the best Maine outdoor adventures!

maine-waterfall-hikesSeek out Maine’s most scenic waterfalls less than 10 miles from Northeast Whitewater.  The Moosehead Lake area is known as the Maine Highlands because of the mountains that surround our ponds, lakes, streams and rivers – the elevation and water creates tumbling and cascading waterfalls.  Goodall falls is 2 miles from Northeast Whitewater at the start of Maine’s 100 Mile Wilderness section of the Appalachian Trail with parking lot for a stop before or after you arrive at Northeast Whitewater for your Moosehead outdoor adventures.  Or join our Maine guides for our full or half day area waterfall hikes during your Maine vacation.

yurts-glampingNortheast Whitewater has the perfect mix of outdoor adventure in nature, with the opportunity to take in the tranquility of this magnificent area of the Maine woods at Moosehead Lake.  Get started with your Moosehead Lake Things to Do and outdoor adventures by planning a half day or full day trip or package any of our Moosehead outdoor adventures during your stay in our yurts!

Lastly, make sure to take the time to know who you are going on guided trips with: some of the large Maine rafting companies may advertise here at Moosehead Lake, but they are not located at Moosehead which means you have to drive away from Moosehead Lake to get to them.  Northeast Whitewater is the only Maine rafting company located at Moosehead Lake.  We are your Moosehead Outdoor Adventures rafting company and guide service, with personalized rafting trips, guided moose watching tours, hikes, canoeing, kayaking, paddleboard trips and outdoor education programs for all to enjoy.  We look forward to being a part of your Maine outdoor adventures soon!  FMI 207-695-0151