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Your Free Guide to Moosehead Lake Things To Do

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So you have decided to spend some time in the Moosehead Lake area and that’Blair Hill Sunsets awesome, but what do you do once you get here? Here’s your free guide to Moosehead Lake things to do. Yes there are plenty of pamphlets to give you ideas, but let us share some of our hidden gems with you that may not be mentioned in those pamphlets. Who doesn’t love a beautiful sunset? There is a beautiful spot just outside of town, Blair Hill. Here you not only get to watch the sun go down over the mountainous horizon, you get a full view of Moosehead Lake, Maine’s largest lake. There is always postcard worthy photo opportunities here.

Who doesn’t love an adventure? Let Northeast Whitewater be your guide to the best Maine adventure trips. The Kennebec River is our most popular whitewater rafting trip and our numbkennebec-river-raftinger one family trip at Moosehead Lake. Enjoy big waves at a fast pace with your friends and family, followed by a river side BBQ! Have you ever seen a Maine moose? If not, join us on one of our guided Moose Safaris that run daily. We also offer guided waterfall hikes and you’ll see some of Maine’s most mesmerizing waterfalls. Maybe you are a little bit of a history buff, we’ve got something for you too. New this year, we are offering guided hikes to the B52 Bomber crash site on Elephant mountain. On this trip you will learn about what happened to this aircraft and its crew, but you will also see the plane reminisce left from the crash.

Have you heard of The Challenge? The Moosehead Pinnacle Pursuit is a challenge open to anyone that is an avid hiker. This challenge consists of hiking 6 different mountains that are located in the region all differing in elevation and distance. Scenery and the panoramic views offered from the hikes are amazing. To participate in the challenge is super simple. All you have to do is grab an application and record the date you climbed each mountain, time you reached the summit, and write down your mailing and email address. You can download an application from the website or pick one up from the Moosehead Lake Visitor Center. If you complete the challenge, mail your application in with a $10 program entry fee. Once your application has been reviewed you will receive a confirmation letter acknowledging that you have completed the challenge. You will also receive the official MPP patch and sticker for successfully completing The Moosehead Pinnacle Pursuit.

With all these adventures and Moosehead Lake things to do who isn’t feeling hungry? Lucky for you Stress Freethere are many great options to satisfy your biggest cravings. Must eats: Kick off your day with a hearty breakfast at Auntie M’s before your adventure begins for an amazing home cooked meal.  Check out the Stress Free Moose Pub (pictured here), where you will enjoy good food and a fun, energized, family atmosphere. Enjoy live entertainment on weekends, and always the opportunity to make new friends. Maybe you just want something to satisfy that sweet tooth; our friends at the dairy bar have got you covered! Get a taste of all your favorite flavors or try one of their Maine specialty flavors, while enjoying the lake at Thoreau Park.

Start planning your summer adventure now! We recommend visiting the area during the months of May through October. Whether you come when all the plants and flowers are in full bloom or when the leaves turn vibrant fall colors, there is always something to do. Let Northeast Whitewater be your Maine adventure destination for all your Moosehead Lake things to do. Our gift shop is open daily from 7-7 for your Moosehead Lake memorabilia and our adventure coordinators are ready to help with your vacation plans. Give us a call 207-695-0151 or stop by Northeast Whitewater 155 Greenville Road, Shirley Maine. You can’t miss us on your way to or from the lake!

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Best Family Rafting Trips

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Northeast Whitewater has been perfecting our family adventure vacations to offer the best family rafting trips that will surely inspire, connect your family through true face to face time, and create memories for a lifetime.  Rediscover the adventurous, cool parent that only comes out when someone else is sweating the details.  Kick back and soak in every smile, laugh and special moment our family rafting trips offer and have the time of your lives with us.

family-rafting-tripsOur #1 family trip at Moosehead Lake is Kennebec river whitewater rafting.  Descend the Kennebec river staircase to enter our whitewater rafts and ride the waves within the magnificent river gorge.  In between the shrills of laughter and excitement, you’ll ride up and over whitewater waves while your raft guide navigates each rapid.  A highlight for our families is to jump out of the rafts at Swimmer’s rapid, a class II – medium sized waves flowing around you – to swim from top to bottom until hoisted back into the raft for the next wave ride.  A nice stop riverside to break for lunch gets everyone fueled up for the remaining float to swim in the river, sun bathe on the rafts or play around in your own whitewater craft – an inflatable kayak.  Inflatable kayaks are highly recommended for families that have varying ages of children.  This gives the teenagers some freedom to explore nearby to the rafts on their own, which is awesome for their independence and you will win the parent of the year award!

family-rafting-tripThe best rafting trip for adventurous families is the Penobscot river.  A 14 foot waterfall kicks off the whitewater rafting adventure on the Penobscot river.  Swim at a natural rockslide, float, enjoy getting to know your whitewater rafting guide and then tackle more big whitewater waves all before we break for lunch.  Fill up on our grilled BBQ feast and then get ready for the big stuff.  The afternoon rafting day trip on the Penobscot river kicks off with big, gnarly class V whitewater action.  Paddle hard and work off that river lunch in two class V whitewater rapids.  Enjoy spectacular whitewater rapids, amazing scenery, bald eagles fishing and a chance to see a Maine moose.  It’s all in a day trip for your adventurous family when you raft on the Penobscot river with Northeast Whitewater.

What are ways to ensure you are picking the best family raft trip for you and your family?  A great place to start is looking at the character of the rafting company by following along on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.  This will give you a great look into the type  of company you are choosing to make your family rafting trip truly the best.  Northeast Whitewater has been entertaining families to provide the best family rafting trips by ensuring that our “fun directors” – Maine Raft Guides – are held to the highest standard of integrity, values, and provide family fun entertainment throughout the day.  Our rafting guides are rigorously trained in all aspects of river safety, logistics and emergency preparedness to ensure your family has the best rafting trip.  We are conscientious with kids who may be fearful of the water or perhaps…not fearful enough and guarantee that our Maine Raft Guides are not only exceptionally safety oriented, they are fun to spend the day with.

We understand that parents can feel like it’s challenging to find trips and vacations that are suitable for the entire family, but Northeast Whitewater can assure you that our whitewater rafting trip options are meant to create the best family vacation.

  • Our family whitewater rafting trip on the Kennebec river is suitable for children that weigh 50LBS or more.  Northeast Whitewater has state of the art whitewater equipment and our coast guard approved PFD’s (Personal Flotation Devices) come in varying sizes, with the smallest legal weight at 50LBS.  Typically, this makes the trip ideal for children 7-8+ years old.
  • For our adventurous families, the Penobscot river is ideal for children 14+.  For those adventurous families that have joined Northeast Whitewater for Kennebec river rafting and are looking to step it up a notch, by tackling the Penobscot river trip, we will allow children as young as 12 years old with prior approval.

Northeast Whitewater Adventure Coordinators are available 7 days a week to accept calls, emails and messages to help you plan your best family rafting trips!  We also offer moose tours, waterfall hikes, ice cave excursions, wilderness buggy tours, and paddleboard trips to make your next family adventure vacation the best and most memorable family vacation yet!  What are you waiting for?!  207-695-0151.

You don’t have to just take our word for it…

“Friendly, professional staff gave us a well planned adventure. It was our youngest son’s (age 9) first time rafting and he is hooked– will definitely come back again!” – SHFandfamily

“Best guides in the area. Safe, fun and most enjoyable vacation yet. Kennebec is great for family and Penobscot rafting is great for adventurous. Family feel at Northeast Whitewater.” – mm81397




Adventure Marketing Internships

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Northeast Whitewater Lodge & Guide Service is seeking Interns who are looking to further advance their skills in Marketing, Branding, Networking, Customer Service and Social Media with a passion for adventure and the outdoors. Our innovative adventure guide service explores new markets and unique ways to entice potential adventure seekers to vacation with us.

Northeast Whitewater is located in the Moosehead Lake area of Maine, at the heart of it all, between the Kennebec and Penobscot rivers and the entrance to Maine’s North Woods.  The Intern will work directly with customers, management and employees in areas such as sales & marketing, trip and programming and customer relations. This internship is designed to help the right person obtain valuable employment and life skills associated with the ever evolving adventure and tourism travel industry here in the Northeast.

This 12-16 week internship program is geared toward applicants currently enrolled in college or who have recently graduated. You will partner with Northeast Whitewater to learn the ins and outs of an adventure-based company focused on providing a quality, personalized outdoor adventure experience all the while working to better our marketing efforts and aid our organization in improving its presence digitally and in an online social world.

Northeast Whitewater offers a wonderfully perfect mix for those that love adventure and the outdoors.  The intern will learn new skills, generate ideas and get to know new people.  How to apply for our Adventure Marketing internship?  Complete our application and return to Northeast Whitewater immediately.  Have questions and can’t wait to talk about it?  Give us a call at 207-695-0151 and ask for Jessica, Adventure Coordinator here at Northeast Whitewater.  Or, even more awesome and a huge kudos from us, we challenge you to put together a 1 – 2 minute video about why you are exactly what Northeast Whitewater is looking for in our adventure marketing internship position.  Go!

Check out this video that Jack put together from the 2016 summer at Northeast Whitewater!

What to Know Before You Go: A Guide to Whitewater Rafting in Maine

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A whitewater rafting trip in Maine can be enjoyed by folks that may be a little apprehensive to the most adventurous travelers.  Make sure that your first trip out whitewater rafting in Maine will be a memorable and enjoyable one by knowing what to expect and how best to prepare for this out of your comfort zone experience.  Following our straight forward guidelines will help provide you with a great time whitewater rafting with friends and family.  Once you review our “What to Know Before You Go: A Guide to Whitewater Rafting in Maine” and get out on our Northeast Whitewater rivers, you will discover a hobby that will create lasting memories with family and friends.

When is the best time to go white water rafting?

Our rafting season in Maine runs from May – October, seven days a week.  Maine is fortunate to have dam controlled rivers.  This gives us guaranteed daily scheduled water flows on all our whitewater rivers throughout our entire season. So you are guaranteed an incredible whitewater rafting day whether you visit in the spring, summer or fall.  Some factors to keep in mind are both air and water temperatures which vary throughout the season.  Just an inside tidbit; since Maine’s whitewater rivers are dam controlled, you can choose to raft in say, August when it’s warm and sunshiny and have the same river flow for rafting that someone gets in May when the water is still cold.  Keep that in mind.

Do I need to have white water rafting experience?

Experience is not necessary. However, minimum ages do apply for each river (beginning at 8 years old). There is NO maximum age limit. Having normal health is advised and expected. There will be approximately 8 guests per raft, and your Registered Maine Guide will be with you at all times. You can choose to have your own private raft, called sport rafts.  Northeast Whitewater has both 4 and 6 person sport rafts.  Please note: smaller rafts make for a wilder ride and guarantee the best guide.  We offer a detailed safety orientation before all whitewater rafting trips to maximize your safety and fun!

How to make a reservation for whitewater rafting?

northeast-whitewater-raftingDo your research by searching for the right whitewater rafting company that fits into what you are looking to get out of your trip.  Is it a family friendly experience that you are looking for or is it to howl at the moon with your buddies?  There are companies that can accommodate both types of people, so make sure you have picked the right place for you.  Put Northeast Whitewater Rafting to the test today by calling to ask us questions, talk about what you are looking to get out of your whitewater rafting trip experience or request a brochure!

It’s important when you call a whitewater rafting company to ask, why you should choose their company.  Make sure you are given specifics and what their company does to make the whitewater rafting trip interesting and fun, both on and off the river.

Planning a Group Rafting Trip

Organizing a group whitewater rafting trip doesn’t have to be stressful, but can be if you aren’t aware of when to plan.   Start by selecting your rafting date and collecting money from the group members.  A deposit is required when you book your whitewater rafting trip to hold your spots in the rafts for your specified date.  At Northeast Whitewater you can choose to pay for the entire group or can create an online group reservation for individuals to pay for themselves.  Recognize that there are discounts in rafting when scheduling as a group, so individual payments may cost you and your group more.  Remember to book for the number of rafters that you know, not what you don’t know.  Check the cancellation policy before you pay for the entire group. Cancellations within 30 days of the trip are non-refundable.  Whitewater rafting companies in Maine have a short season and limited space in rafts and on trips each day – these limits are set by the State of Maine legislation and operational capacity.  When you make a reservation, you are buying a seat in a raft on a certain date on a certain river.

How Long is a River Rafting Day Trip?

A typical whitewater rafting day kicks off between 8 and 9 AM and wraps up between 4 and 5 PM.  This will depend on which river you and your family choose for your day trip in whitewater rafting.  Average river miles range from 10-15 miles.

What is Provided for Whitewater Rafting?

northeast-whitewater-raftingMaine whitewater rafting outfitters provide the tools needed for a fun, safe day on the river; paddles, type V personal flotation device (PFDs), helmets (which are typically required for rapids greater than class II), wetsuits for cold weather rafting days are available for rental, Northeast Whitewater has state of the art self-bailing rafts, Registered Maine Whitewater Raft Guides at the helm of each raft, a BBQ riverside lunch, transportation, a photo slideshow of the days adventure, and a super fun, exceptionally amazing whitewater rafting day.

Can I Bring My Own Gear?

If you have your own wetsuit and footwear you may wear it, as long as it meets Northeast Whitewater Rafting and State of Maine standards. You must wear our PFD’s during all Northeast Whitewater Rafting trips. Helmets are required on all trips and if you have your own whitewater helmet you may wear it on the river.

  • Wear proper gear: Expect to get soaked (who doesn’t love a good chance to show off that bikini). But, to stave off what we call “Raft Butt” pack a pair of gym shorts or water-resistant shorts for a barrier to the raft, so your bum won’t get chaffed. Adventure Coordinator at Northeast Whitewater Jessica Hargreaves recommends wearing synthetic materials because cotton pulls heat away from your body, which drops your core temperature. And to protect the toes, Hargreaves suggests water shoes or sandals that are securely fastened to your feet, instead of wearing flip-flops and no bare feet.
  • De-bling: Leave jewelry and money in the car.  If you don’t want it to get wet or take the chance of slipping off and losing your wedding ring to the river gods.
  • Dry off: Pack a change of clothes, a towel, and some water — though drenched, you’ll likely be thirsty once the rafting day is over.  Wear sunscreen, sunglasses and bring medications that you can not live without.

Where To Stay?

Northeast Whitewater at Moosehead Lake uniquely offers a variety of lodging options suitable for everyone all near to our quaint little town with gift shops and restaurants for your evening out after your day of whitewater rafting.  We offer cost-effective Stay & Play Packages that incorporate staying in campgrounds, cabins, Inns, or motels along with the total price for your trip.  If you aren’t familiar with the area, have a large group, or simply don’t want to bother with finding your own accommodations this is the way to go!

Additional Information:

Get as much information about Moosehead Lake things to do when you call.  Northeast Whitewater offers many adventures from 3 hour tours to full day trips.  Don’t forget to bring some extra money for wetsuit rentals (if a chilly day), a polyester Northeast Whitewater river shirt, souvenir t-shirts, hats, eye glass retainers (chums), pictures of the rafting day and any other last minute items that will help to make you more comfortable or provide an awesome souvenir for your whitewater rafting day trip.

All Northeast Whitewater Rafting guided trips meet at Northeast Whitewater Lodge & Guide Service 5 miles south of Moosehead Lake located at 155 Greenville Road Shirley, Maine 04485.

Youth Group Whitewater Guide

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Your guide to the ultimate youth group whitewater experience!

Northeast Whitewater’s guide to youth group whitewater experience includes day trips in whitewater rafting, guided Maine wilderness overnight trips and outdoor instructional programs. Our Maine summer camp & scout troop experience offers time for exploration, developing friendships, learning and a whole lot of fun. Enjoying a day of whitewater rafting or overnight camping with Northeast Whitewater expands on outdoor learning, teamwork and lifelong values when experiencing the big adventures we can offer you. If you’re looking for adventure – and a great place for your next youth group retreat, scout troop high adventure, or summer camp experience – We’ve got it!

maine-youth-group-raftingWhitewater Rafting Trips

Join us for whitewater rafting on Maine’s Kennebec River & Penobscot Rivers!  Mild to wild whitewater adventures customized for your youth group experience, whether that be your scout troop, school group or Maine summer camp.  Special youth group pricing is offered at Northeast Whitewater on all whitewater rafting trips.

Scout Merit Badge Programs

Your scout troop can advance with Northeast Whitewater by participating in the merit badge programs we offer: Whitewater Merit Badge, Canoeing Merit Badge, First Aid Merit Badge, Camping Merit Badge, Cooking Merit Badge, Kayaking BSA Skill Award. All of our Boy Scout merit badge programs are custom tailored to your specific troops needs.  Our most popular merit badge program is our whitewater merit badge program – we incorporate two days of whitewater instruction, ACA swiftwater rescue training and whitewater rafting all in a super-fun Maine whitewater adventure!

Why choose Northeast Whitewater for your youth group?

Highest Regard for Safety

  • Over 20 years of river experience
  • Only rafting company with Swiftwater Rescue trained instructors!
  • Informative pre-trip safety speech


  • Special rates for all groups

Wetsuits Always Included for Youth Groups

  • Jacket, Farmer John/Jane & booties – FREE

Meals Included

  • All trips includes snacks and river trip meals

Multi-Day Adventure Trips

Easy Trip Planning

  • Reservation office & adventure coordinators are part of the family
  • Free information to show at organizational meetings

How to make a Youth Group Reservation?

Northeast Whitewater has entertained many groups, so we are sensitive to your fundraising and organizational needs. We understand that it takes time to put an exceptional trip together. However, we are limited to the number of rafters that we can take each day. For this reason, you need to plan early. The steps for making a group reservation are outlined below and will help to make your reservation easy.

  1. Call us to receive any additional information about our trips. Our office staff is extremely helpful!

2. Have preliminary meeting to gauge the group’s interest in our trips. Set a deadline for deposit or full payment.

3. Hold second meeting to collect deposit or full payment from each participant. Collecting the full payment eliminates additional work for you. Once we have received your payment in full, we will send your trip confirmation with all necessary forms and trip specific information.

4. Make the reservation for those who have paid you only. Call or go online to your group reservation that we have created for you to add additional participants or as you receive payment (if space is still available).

In order to receive discount pricing, all payments must be made with one check or credit card. A 50% deposit is required to make a reservation and the balance is due 30 days prior to the trip or program.

Who Should Choose Northeast Whitewater?

summer-camp-experienceYouth groups of all shapes and sizes are welcome to enjoy challenging activities both day and night at Northeast Whitewater. Scouts and Venture Crews earn Merit Badges, schedule District challenges, and host Camporees with us. Summer camps, Boys and Girls Clubs and Recreation Departments add travel and adventure to their existing summer programs. Family groups find our Moosehead Lake area location and activities a perfect way to bond with the shared experiences we offer.

Northeast Whitewater is a proud business member of the following youth leader organizations:

Maine Camp Experience, Maine Summer Camps, American Canoe Association, America Outdoors Association and more… We have multiple Eagle Scouts on staff!

Questions about planning your next youth group trip?  Call us at 207-695-0151.  We look forward to entertaining you!



4 Trips for Adventure Loving Families

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Family adventure trips guide you into a world of active getaways that you may never attempt on your own.  Of course most of you don’t have a whitewater raft in your backyard or inflatable kayaks to outfit your entire family, that is why choosing a guided adventure vacation can take you beyond your comfort zone and allow you to try something exciting and new together as a family, that will surely create memories to last a lifetime.  We have listed 4 trips for adventure loving families that should give you some unique vacation ideas for your next visit to Maine.

mt-kineo-moosehead-lakeGo on a hike that you have to take a boat ride to get to!  Mount Kineo rises 700 feet high above the surface of Moosehead Lake.  A commercial boat shuttle to Mount Kineo leaves routinely from Rockwood, located on Moosehead Lake’s western shore or take a kayak or canoe.  Choose from 4 different trails that all lead to the summit, each with varied difficulty from easy to more strenuous and challenging.  Enjoy panoramic views of Moosehead Lake and the surrounding mountain scenery.  Then, take a dip in the lake, sunbathe on the sandy beach and enjoy a picnic lunch on your very own (for the day) island hideaway!

Venture into the wilds of the north woods to experience the splendor of seeing one of the largest animals in the northern hemisphere…Moose!  Maine is home to 60,000 moose, but they are elusive so hiring a guide to take you and your family to the secret spots where moose live can be an adventure of a lifetime.  It’s exciting to see this large animal from a guided moose tour by canoe.  Remember to stay quiet and patient and to take in the entire experience.  Wildlife is a gift and a wonderful thing to share together as a family.  If wildlife watching is important to you and the experiential adventure vacation that you are planning, we recommend going on a Bar Harbor whale watch or puffin tour while you are visiting Maine, as well.

Hike to Maine’s ice caice-cave-hikeves.  What are ice caves you ask? A pile of heavy boulders that were plowed together by glaciers during the last ice age make openings between the rocks, with no sun exposure ice forms. There are metal rungs to help with the decent into the cave and as you enter there is a feeling like you have entered a freezer, so extra layers are recommended on this adventure.  You may even want to bring a headlamp.  There is a large main “room” that is large enough to stand and for the more adventurous caver, you can shimmy your way into smaller chambers.  What’s great about this hike is that round trip its about 3 miles.  If anyone in your group is not excited about going into the caves, no big deal, the hike is beautiful and you can swim, picnic and relax by the lake nearby!

Whitewater Rafting: If you would like your family to experience some of the best whitewatekennebec-river-raftingr in the Northeast, than a rafting trip with Northeast Whitewater will top the list for your next family adventure vacation.  We offer a unique class of adventure trips from mild to wild on the Kennebec river and Penobscot river for families with young children and teens.  Our registered Maine guides not only navigate through the whitewater rapids, they lead fun games both on and off the water, there is a delicious riverside BBQ served up mid-day and the finest selection of whitewater equipment to play around on the river.

These 4 trips for adventure loving families makes for a great start when planning your next vacation to Maine.  Check out all of our Moosehead Lake things to do for the entire family to adventure together on your next family trip.  Need some help navigating the adventure trip options?  Give our adventure coordinators a call 207-695-0151 and we’ll make your next family vacation planning easy for you with an engaging itinerary that you are sure to impress even the fussy teen in your household.


5 Reasons We Love Whitewater Rafting

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The Northeast has incredibly awesome whitewater rivers.  Here’s 5 reasons why we love whitewater rafting and think you will, too!

Adventure – the spice of life.  We all need a little adventure in our lives.  Step out of your comfort zone, feel your adrenaline flow while the river rushes around you.  Whitewater rafting is a thrilling, adventure that really makes you feel alive, puts a smile on your face and truly makes you happy.

img_0056Wildlife & Scenery – nature abounds.  Bald eagles, osprey and waterfowl; mergansers and mallards to name a few.  Craggy, rock gorge cliff walls jutting up from the rolling river waves, best seen from our whitewater rafts.  Uniquely experienced wildlife spotting of moose on the Penobscot river and moose greet our bus many days when we traverse the woods road to our Kennebec river rafting trip.

Health and Wellness.  Putting outdoor time on your calendar is good for your health and well being, so why not add whitewater rafting to your outdoor agenda?  A day of whitewater rafting gives you a natural splash of vitamin D.  Rafting is a great way to get exercise while having fun, you will be embraced by a beautiful natural environment that will make you feel happy.  And what is great about that?  A good night sleep will be a great nightcap after a day spent in the outdoors on one of our Maine rivers.

Awesome guides – 2016 Maine Raft Guide Olympics Champions!  Not only are our Maine whitewater rafting guides fun to spend the day with, they are knowledgeable about the whitewater rivers, the area, tales and lore of the Maine river community and did I mention champions of the 2016 Maine raft guide Olympics?!  In a nutshell, we are a team.  Northeast Whitewater rafting guides take pride in offering an awesome whitewater rafting experience from the moment guests arrive, entertainment on the bus ride to the river and devoted to providing a safe, fun, whitewater rafting experience for all.  [Northeast Whitewater Raft Guide were the 2017 Guide Olympic runner up!]

nwr-8-04-16-k040Time spent with loved onesWhitewater rafting in Maine is our #1 family trip.  Time spent with loved ones whitewater rafting is top of our things to do list at Northeast Whitewater.  Kids unplug, memories are made with friends and family that last a lifetime.  Whether its river time with your bachelor friends, a class trip for your students or the hottest choice for your family vacation, time spent with your loved ones on a whitewater rafting trip is time well spent.

These are just a few reasons we love whitewater rafting and guarantee that you will to.  So give whitewater rafting with Northeast Whitewater a try and I’m sure that you will find our 5 reasons we love whitewater rafting, are 100% true!  You can join Northeast Whitewater for both day and overnight rafting trips from May – September.  Get started!


Northeast Whitewater Rafting September Specials

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The end of our 2016 Maine whitewater rafting season is rapidly approaching, so don’t miss out on some super September specials by joining Northeast Whitewater for whitewater rafting day and overnight rafting trips.

Labor Day weekend whitewater rafting overnight trip on the Penobscot River: $20 Off!!

IMG_0004Penobscot river overnight rafting trips are a guest favorite.  This two-day, high adventure whitewater rafting trip is a thrilling, action packed treat for adventurous rafters seeking two days on the river, overnight camping stay and meals provided by us.  Day 1 kicks off on Saturday, September 3.  All camping and rafting equipment provided, 4 delicious Maine camp fire meals and two days of whitewater rafting excitement.  This trip is regularly $279 per person, plus taxes and fees.  Sign up now and save $20 off per person!  BYOB.  Join us by booking now!

Kennebec River High Water – Saturday, September 10 & Saturday, September 24: 2 for 1 whitewater rafting September special!!

NWR 7-11-16 K018The Kennebec River High Water is an “aggressive, high water adventure whitewater rafting trip” and ideal for anyone with an adventurous, go for it, attitude! The flow nearly doubles its volume on the Kennebec river high water releases. Grilled riverside BBQ feast mid-day, all equipment, transportation and fun guides to tackle the whitewater rapids with. Join us by booking now!

Don’t miss the boat and get in on these super September specials before the whitewater rafting season rapidly flows downstream.  Questions about the September specials listed here?  Looking for information about all of our Maine whitewater rafting, moose watching and outdoor adventure trips, give us a call 207-695-0151.



Swiftwater Rescue Training Mather Rescue

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Swiftwater Rescue Training just got better!  Northeast Whitewater is thrilled to offer our Swiftwater Rescue training with guest instructor, Mike Mather of Mather Rescue. With over 20 years on the water, Mike Mather is one of the more experienced and entertaining rescue professionals in the industry. Having taught technical rescue courses all over the U.S. and in Europe, Mike has an unconventional approach to this topic. Northeast Whitewater will challenge its participants through thoughtful whitewater predicaments that will help participants to stay level headed, all the while learning to become more comfortable in swiftwater scenarios. We use kayaks, rafts, inflatable kayaks, and canoes for our Maine swiftwater rescue proswiftwatergrams. Join us for this very exciting 2-day swiftwater rescue training event on Saturday, September 17 & Sunday, September 18 at Northeast Whitewater 155 Greenville Road Shirley Mills, Maine!

Not sure why you should take a swiftwater rescue training course?  Our American Canoe Association swiftwater rescue course helps participants gain the confidence and necessary skills to deal with stressful on water situations.  Learning to become a whitewater kayaker or looking to work in the outdoor industry?  This class is a no-brainer to add to your resume.

Our swiftwater rescue clinic teaches recognition and avoidance of common river hazards and execution of self-rescue. Rescue vest application, strainers, entrapment, and pins are discussed, and scenarios are practiced. There will be instruction both on and off the water.  Northeast Whitewater ACA-certified Instructors, Registered Maine Guides and Swiftwater Rescue Guru and all around exceptional instructor, Mike Mather, will teach you what you need to know about river rescue & safety.

Get started by booking now or calling 207-695-0151 to find out more!

Whitewater Rafting Theme Days

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kennebec-river-raftingCan you have too much fun? We don’t think so! Here at Northeast Whitewater we’ve decided to let the good times roll by making our already awesome days on the river even more memorable. Introducing (cue exciting music)… THEME DAYS on select days in July and August! We wanted to give you the opportunity to show your team spirit from the moment you arrive. Make the most of your whitewater rafting trip by coming on a theme day! Here’s a peek at what you have to look forward to:

Wild West Wednesdays: Saddle up and gear up for your wild ride down the river! Bring your plaid, paisley, and cowboy hats y’all! We want to see the best rendition of the Wild West your family can round up on your next Maine vacation! (Disclaimer: spurs NOT recommended on rafts).

Flashback Fridays: Get groovy and start your day of fun off with some funk! Who said disco was dead? NOT US! Bring your bling and most daring 70’s psychedelic style and let’s rave on! Bonus points if you bust some moves to those rollin’ rhythms you know will be coming out of our speakers when you arrive!

Hawaiian T-Shirt Saturdays: Who needs Hawaii? Get ready to have a luau right here in the Northeast! Join in on the fun by wearing your brightest palm covered clothes! We’ll bring our own heat wave to New England! Grass skirts, leis, and pineapples are strongly encouraged.

 We are all about fun here at Northeast Whitewater and want to reward those who are like minded. In addition to making some unforgettable memories, all who dress the part for their adventure will enjoy 10% off in our retail store!

 Want to join the party? Call 207-695-0151 now to join our whitewater rafting theme days or click here to book online!