Total Solar Eclipse: Maine - Northeast Whitewater

Total Solar Eclipse: Maine

Hello!  L’aura Bradford here, again!  We are now just hours away from the Great American Eclipse – the last TOTAL solar eclipse the continental United States will see for 20 YEARS*!   And our excitement is building as visitors begin to arrive!

Why Maine is the place to be!  You’ll come for the eclipse and stay to experience all the natural wonder we have to offer!  Whether you love mountain meadows, lofty peaks, tree covered vistas, sandy beaches or rugged coast lines – Maine has it!

PLUS, Maine has some of the last remaining truly dark night skies in New England and as we enter International Dark Sky Week, April 2-8, 2024 it’s a no-brainer that Maine is the place to see the eclipse AND so much more!

Join us at Northeast Whitewater for our Guided Eclipse Event and BBQ to experience an eclipse event like only Maine Guides can offer!  And then stay with us and continue your experience by exploring the North Maine Woods looking for wildlife like spring moose, fox, snowshoe hare and maybe even the elusive Canda lynx!  Get in some hiking or canoeing or stay up late to get a view of the stars like you may never have seen them before!

Why Registered Maine Guides make a difference!  Maine has a long history as a destination for outdoor adventures and Maine Guides well versed in the outdoors have been here just as long to ensure safe and quality experiences.

In 1897 the state of Maine passed legislation requiring hunting guides to register with the state and soon after a rigorous testing process was established.  Today there are a variety of guide licenses including the two most held by our guides here at Northeast Whitewater, the Recreation and Whitewater licenses.

Many states don’t require a license to guide, however Maine is as dangerous as she is beautiful and testing and licensing ensures our guides have the knowledge to show you a good time and the skills to keep you and your loved ones safe!

Maine:  Amazing and Challenging

There’s an area in our state known as the North Maine Woods – this is roughly the north western 25% of the state and it consists mostly of privately owned land with some state and Federal holdings mixed in.  Much of this land is remote with very limited cell service and few “civilized spaces” beyond the logging roads that cris cross.  We’re very fortunate that much of this private land remains open to the public, but it is important to following the rules.

It is critical to obey the signs.  If an area is posted with limitations follow the rules for your own safety and others.  And there are many reasons for this, beyond the fact that it’s the law.  There could be logging or other activities that would be dangerous.  Road conditions could be so severe that may leave you stranded.

Along those lines, there’s a 5th season here in Maine that falls between winter and spring – “Mud Season”.  At this time the roads are often frozen solid in the morning, but by mid day they’ve thawed and you find yourself stuck up to the door sills in mud.  (True story – happened to me last weekend)

The roads are also prone to chewing up tires (I’d never had a flat before moving to Maine and now I’ve had 3!).  So if you’re going out into the Maine woods, be sure you have a spare tire and a back up, 4 wheel drive is always a good idea and I never go out without my winch.

Or hire a Registered Maine Guide – he or she will know get you around, show you a good time, and have the resources to solve unexpected problems should they arise!

Wrap It Up:  It’s been my pleasure taking over the blog these last few weeks and sharing stuff about Maine and our unique placement in the Great American Eclipse Path of Totality!  We’re excited it’s finally time and whether you join us at our Guided event or you find another of Maine’s beautiful locations we hope you have an extraordinary eclipse experience!

* While North America will experience some partial solar eclipses in the coming years we will be deprived of total solar eclipses until March 2033 when Alaska experiences one and then 11 years later in 2044 when Montana and western and northern Canada experience another.

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