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Why Should I Spend my Family Vacation at Moosehead Lake?

Are you ready to get the family out of the house, away from the screens? The Moosehead Lake Region is the perfect place to spend your family vacation. Here you will find no shortage of outdoor family adventures. Spend the day on a thrilling whitewater rafting trip, or an evening in search of Maine’s magnificent wildlife. Not sure where to stay? Northeast Whitewater’s yurts provide the perfect setting for an intimate family vacation.

Maine’s most Thrilling Adventure

Here you can take a ride on the wild side rafting on the Kennebec River. Where you and your crew will assist a Registered Maine Guide in steering down the class III and IV rapids. The sound of family laughter will travel far and wide as you crash through the nearly 10-foot waves. Making for an unforgettable Maine outdoor experience.

Reconnect with Nature

Sit back and relax on a peaceful canoe moose safari where you can get “lost” in the natural beauty of Maine’s woods and water. Be sure to bring your camera along, the scenic area makes for a perfect place for wildlife photography. Bonus! You can show and tell your friends back home about all the family fun you had.

Stargazing at Moosehead Lake

Today, there is so much uncertainty in the world which makes traveling nerve racking and difficult. This is why Moosehead Lake is the perfect travel destination for family and friends alike of all ages. It is an outdoor playground.

The best part about the Moosehead Lake Region is that your time outdoors doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down. Actually, some of the best views start when the sun fades beyond the mountain range and the stars light up the sky. Stargaze while sitting at your yurtside campfire at the Northeast Whitewater campground located just five miles from downtown Greenville. These are just a few of the reasons why you should spend your family vacation at Moosehead Lake.

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