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Wildlife Watching Nature Tours

Maine welcomes you to be an observer of the natural world through wildlife watching nature tours!

Birds chirping, moose munching, deer bounding and otters playing – the sounds of the forest are all right here. Wildlife watching allows you to experience places you would not normally go, but because it is awe-inspiring, fond memories are created through the sounds and smells of the forest, being surrounded by nature and feeling like you are actually a part of something really special.  If you have a love for nature, wildlife and all living things, wildlife watching nature tours are a wonderfully wild way to immerse yourself in our natural world.  All you need is a little patience.

Successful wildlife watching is truly an adventure.  Wildlife are not always predictable and that is whatmoose tours makes the excitement of those special wildlife watching moments so thrilling.  For example, on our wildlife watching nature tours, we spend time in areas that are known for moose.  Even though moose are prone to being very habitual creatures, timing is what makes the encounters so exciting each time. Wildlife are unpredictable, even when we think we can predict their next move, they continue to surprise us.  A rewarding wildlife watching adventure allows you to understand nature and the inhabitants of the woods around you.

Important tips to take into consideration when planning your wildlife watching nature tour:

  • Each season presents a different occasion for viewing wildlife.  Therefore, if you have specific goals with wildlife watching, for instance seeing a moose calf, make sure you are visiting at the right time of year.
  • Time of day is important to take into consideration.  Visiting at dawn and dusk, when many animals feed, offers the best moments to spot wildlife.
  • Wildlife watching ethics are vital to our continued ability to wildlife watch.  Respecting wildlife by blending in to our natural world and remaining quiet, keeping a respectful distance from the wildlife, and finding a comfortable spot to remain still and take in the wildlife watching nature experience is really what makes wildlife watching so special.

Wildlife Watching Nature Tours

The Moosehead Lake area of Maine and Northeast Whitewater are a prime location for wildlife watching nature tours.  With 3.5 million acres of forestland, the Maine woods are home to white tailed deer, moose, black bear, bobcat, coyotes, red fox, fisher, otter, mink, beaver, snowshoe hare and so much more!  Combine your Bar Harbor whale watching and puffin tour with our wildlife watching nature tours, Maine moose watching tour, moose watching safari or bird watching tour – no matter what the wildlife watching adventure, let Northeast Whitewater be your guide!

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