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Maine’s Best Family White Water Rafting Experiences

Maine’s Best Family White Water Rafting Experiences

For families seeking the perfect blend of excitement and natural beauty, Maine stands as an unrivaled destination for white water rafting adventures. Explore Maine’s best family white water rafting experiences that promise not just thrills but cherished moments of togetherness.

Choose your white water experience: From mild to wild

Kennebec River: A Splash of Family Fun 

The Kennebec River offers an ideal introduction to family white water rafting. Navigate the rollercoaster waves of the Kennebec while being surrounded by the scenic beauty of the Maine wilderness. The Kennebec provides the perfect balance of excitement and safety, ensuring a memorable adventure for all ages. Anyone over 50lbs can join in for a fun filled day on the Kennebec River.

Dead River: Rapids, Rapids, and more Rapids

The Dead River with only 6 scheduled releases a year offers a unique white water rafting experience. The Dead River is Maine’s longest stretch of continuous whitewater at 16 miles long! Class III and IV rapids put the Dead River below the Penobscot River in excitement, but is a step up from the Kennebec River with its continuous whitewater. 

Penobscot River: Thrilling Experiences for the Adventurous Family 

Families looking for exciting and technical whitewater experiences will find that Penobscot River’s class V rapids provide just that. Northeast Whitewater guides families through thrilling stretches of whitewater while ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey. The breathtaking scenery adds an extra layer of beauty to the Penobscot River adventure.

Canada Falls: An Annual Trip for the Thrill Seeking Family 

For families with teenagers seeking a more challenging whitewater experience, Canada Falls ensures an adrenaline rush for the more adventurous family members. There are four class V rapids on this section of the river and we run it as a double trouble trip, which means two laps of it in the same day! DOUBLE the fun. With expert guides at the helm, families can safely navigate the thrilling rapids while creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Safety First: The Guiding Principle

No family adventure is complete without a commitment to safety. Northeast Whitewater, with its team of experienced guides, prioritizes the well-being of every family member. Thorough safety briefings, top-notch equipment, and professional guidance ensure that families can enjoy the white water rafting experience with confidence and peace of mind. 

Beyond the Rapids: Creating Family Memories 

White water rafting in Maine is not just about navigating rapids; it’s about creating lasting family memories. The shared
laughter, the rush of adrenaline, and the awe-inspiring beauty of Maine’s rivers create an adventure that goes above and beyond. It’s an experience that strengthens family bonds and leaves everyone with stories to tell.

For more information on which river best suits your group give our adventure coordinators a call 207-695-0151 or send an email our way! then give us a call

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