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Family Friendly White Water Rafting in Maine

Looking for family friendly Maine vacation ideas? Look no further! White Water Rafting in Maine, is the perfect family activity.

When planning a Maine vacation, it’s important to take into consideration where you’re spending your time, with whom you’re spending your time, and how you want to enjoy the time off you have looked forward to all year. Family vacations are a memorable time in our lives, so picking the best vacation for your family is important.

Some hurdles that parents face with their kids while on vacation is getting their kids outside to enjoy Mother Nature. We hear from parents all the time on how difficult it is to get their kids to disconnect from their cell phones, computers, text messages and social media sites. Our response remains the same; sign up for a family friendly white water rafting trip or any outdoor adventure with us! You and your kids will love it!

Family having fun white water rafting in a red raft on the Kennebec River in Maine

Family fun on the Kennebec river

Our Kennebec river rafting trip is the best family friendly trip. Your kids will learn about the importance of paying attention to their guide, working together as a team. Working together to paddle and maneuver the raft allows them to be the engine for the raft to ride up and over the big waves. This is the moment in the trip where parents are thrilled to hear the laughter and excitement coming from their kids, and laughter is the tell-tale sign that they made the right decision to get outside for a family adventure.

Now, that you are ready to start planning your family friendly white water rafting trip with us, take into consideration the following vacation tips:

  • Set gadget boundaries – On your next family vacation, truly plan to have family time, and less gadget time. Get your kids outside to enjoy the fresh air. Explore Maine’s rivers, Moosehead Lake, a day of hiking and of course, a fun-filled family day of whitewater rafting.
  • Plan ahead – We all want sunny days on the river, but because our trips are small and personalized we only have a limited number of spots available per day. Plus, who cares about the rain when you are rafting, you’re guaranteed to get wet anyway. It’s the perfect rainy day activity!

Now is your time to seek out the best white water rafting trip for your family, and we definitely recommend Maine. Our state has everything to offer families and folks looking for a vacation to enjoy the great outdoors – Woods, rivers, the ocean, lobster, lighthouses and of course our Maine Moose. Schedule a trip with a company that cares about you and your experience. Get started and don’t forget to unplug when you get here!

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