Things to do in Monson Maine - Northeast Whitewater

Things to do in Monson Maine

What is there to do in Monson Maine?

When you visit Northeast Whitewater, make Monson a must stop. The town where arts and the outdoors collide! Monson, once known for its slate quarries and furniture-making received a dramatic infusion of cash from The Libra Foundation. This infusion was specifically for the arts, agriculture and recreation. The Libra Foundation purchased a dozen houses, a community center, and a general store along Monson’s main drag — as well as a farm on North Guilford Road. Libra selected Monson in part because of the town’s proximity to natural attractions — like Moosehead Lake and the Appalachian Trail — and its history with the arts.Trail in Monson Maine

Perfectly situated (in our opinion) to Monson and Moosehead Lake is Northeast Whitewater! Located smack dab in the middle of these beautiful destinations. We talk a lot about Moosehead Lake, since it’s the largest lake in the state of Maine and known for its wide open spaces, abundance of wildlife and recreational activities, but Monson is its own unique hidden gem.

Where to eat?

Food is always a first around here, so take a look at our favorite foodie stops in Monson. Spring Creek BBQ has fall-off-the-bones-ribs, mouth-watering Mac N Cheese, fresh grilled burgers, and the best homemade deserts in town. The Lakeshore House is a great spot for open mic nights, enjoying a cocktail (or two on the shores of Lake Hebron) and getting lunch or dinner. Just know that if you are in a hurry, this isn’t the place for you! The Quarry is right next door offers fine dining. Food is made to order (and spectacularly tasty), but reservations are required with limited seating in this quaint space. Last, but definitely not least, we rave about the Dagwoods at the AE Robinson store. No joke, the pizza and dagwoods here are excellent, so grab a sandwich, some drinks and it’s time to hit the trails.

Where to go, what to do?

We mentioned hitting the trails in the last paragraph – Monson is home to some excellent hiking spots. Hiking is one of our most recommended things to do in Monson, Maine. First on our list is borestone mountain viewsBorestone Mountain. If birding is up your alley definitely consider Borestone Mountain, Borestone is a bird sanctuary managed by the Maine Audubon. The views of the surrounding mountains and lakes are gorgeous and all you need is a few hours to explore here. After you’ve visited Borestone consider spending time exploring the areas waterfalls at Wilson Stream or Tobey Falls. Swimming and exploring waterfalls around Monson are definitely a favorite! Schedule a hike with us for a guided experience or stop by Northeast Whitewater for more information on areas to swim and hike in Monson.

Feeling Artsy?

Lastly, Monson is all about the arts. You can participate in a pottery class and learn from local artists. Or if you’re not feeling creative view the some of the beautiful work that is on display at the Monson Arts Gallery.

Before you head out of town don’t forget to stop by the Monson General store, located next door to the Monson art studio. Grab a local wine, cheese or craft beer to pick up and enjoy when you arrive at your next destination. We hope that your next destination is right here at Northeast Whitewater! Come stay with us in our yurts and join a whitewater rafting trip adventure. Looking for something more laid back? Explore the wilderness of Maine on a wildlife and moose watching tour.

Whatever your pleasure, make Monson a must stop. Just 5 miles south of Northeast Whitewater on Route 15, where arts and the outdoors collide!

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