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6 Reasons You Want to Stay in a Yurt

Yurts, a unique lodging experience and way to stay.  Today, there is a growing trend for travelers to enjoy unique experiences while vacationing and a yurt lodging stay, offers just that.  We have put together 6 reasons you want to stay in a yurt this season for a unique vacation experience.  Gone are the days when the majority of travelers prefer to stay in hotels and have predictable travel experiences. This is a new era of travel, where anything is possible.  Granted you may not be looking for the most profound vacation experience, instead just looking for a new way to have a good time. You can get that in a yurt.  If you like tent camping but prefer to sleep in a real bed, you’ll definitely love staying in a yurt!  Though, I’m sure there are many more reasons to stay in a yurt, these 6 reasons you want to stay in a yurt this season offer a great start to get you well on your way to planning your unique vacation experience in Maine with all of our Moosehead Lake Things to Do.

A yurt and its surroundings:  yurts-glamping

Yurts are located in amazing places and yurts offer a unique lodging stay!  If you’ve never stayed in a yurt (or round wood framed, structured tent), you’re missing out on the benefits that these beautiful, unique and cool lodgings have to offer. Yurts offer a perfect mixture of enjoyment in the outdoors, all the while offering the comforts of home on your next camping trip.

Forget camp site set up and crack a cold one:

What a pleasant relief to check-in and almost immediately get down to the business of enjoying yourself, rather than having to set up camp.  When you contemplate the off chance of a rainy weekend of camping, a yurt stay will seriously make you parent of the year with the kids.  Besides, there is no set up to worry about when you stay in a yurt.  Park the car, grab your bags – don’t forget the cooler – and relax!

Nature surrounds you:

Yurts connect you with nature.  Yurts provide the perfect link between open air camping and staying in a cabin.  Our yurts offer the best of both worlds when you yurt with us, since you are surrounded by nature, but have a bed, blankets, electricity and a dome sky light to star gaze at night.   It’s roughing it, while enjoying mother nature.

Budget friendly lodging option:

Affordability is key when you want to pack in lots of activities during your vacation getaway and yurts are just that; affordable.  Granted, yurts don’t offer the same amenities that a motel would, since there is a short walk to the bathhouse and showers and you won’t have a chamber maid to clean up after you, but the trade off of staying in a quiet, wooded setting in nature makes a yurt stay a great budget friendly lodging option.

Sleeping in a bed:

Rather than worrying about that air mattress or sleeping pad and bag, our yurts have beds.  Our 6 person yurts have 3 sets of bunk beds, each with a mattress, sheets and bedding.  Granted this may be a simple mattress, but after a full day of adventuring with Northeast Whitewater, our yurts offer a cozy and comfortable night sleep.  In a yurt, you can enjoy active outdoor adventures such as whitewater rafting and hiking during the day and then after dark, listen to the crickets.

maine-family-vacationYurts bring people together:

With our spacious 6 person yurt, an entire family can comfortably stay together. The circular design and cozy atmosphere yurts provide are ideal for embracing the great outdoors together. After a day filled with outdoor adventure, you can retreat to a comfortable bed, making it an ideal vacation choice for active families. Plus, the circular communal space inside a yurt offers an ideal setting for gazing through the domed structure at the sky and the stars and relaxing together. Inside one comfortable room, you can come together to play games, tell stories; two things that are increasingly endangered in our technological world.

There are all types of yurts.  Here at Northeast Whitewater, we have 4 yurts that are new in 2018!  2 of the yurts sleep 6 guests each with 3 sets of bunk beds; ideal for families or small groups.  The 2 smaller yurts each have 1 king bed, ideal for couples or single adventure travelers.  Decor for all 4 is in the works and we’ll make sure to post pictures when complete!  You can reserve your unique adventure vacation with Northeast Whitewater and stay with us in our new yurts this season or contact our adventure coordinators to talk about our stay and play packages and new yurts; we are pretty confident you will want to stay in a yurt this season!

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