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Where is the best place to see moose in Maine?

Where is the best place to see moose in Maine?

The Moosehead Lake area in the Maine Highlands is the best place to see moose in Maine!  Without a doubt Maine-moose-watchingthis is the best place in Maine to see moose in their natural environment.  The reason for the higher numbers of moose in this region is due to its massive wooded land area and thin population of people that live here.

Moosehead Lake sits in the middle western part of Maine, known as the Highlands region and is the southern entrance to the largest woods in Maine, known as the North Maine Woods.  The region covers more than 3.5 million acres of forest land bordered by Canada to the west and north and by the early 20th century transportation corridors of the Canadian Pacific International Railway of Maine to the south and the Bangor and Aroostook Railroad Ashland branch to the east. The thinly populated region is overseen by a combination of private individual and private industrial owners and state government agencies.

Moose outnumber people here!

Moose live and thrive in Maine’s north woods where their population outnumbers the people living in the area 3 to 1. That doesn’t mean that stumbling upon a moose is going to be easy, due to the large wooded area that the moose reside.  What it does mean is that your odds are greatly increased when you visit Moosehead Lake of seeing moose, our beasts of the forest, during your Maine vacation.  So make sure to make moose watching a MUST, when you are planning your Maine getaway.

What do moose do everyday?

Moose our found May thru August foraging on twigs and pond weeds.  Moose eat a lot!- imagine eating 50 pounds of food a day.  A full grown moose can stand over 6 feet tall at its shoulders and weigh 900-1700 pounds; now that’s a big animal!  Even due to the size of moose, they can still be hard to find due to the thick woods of the Maine north woods, so hiring a guide is recommended.  Leave navigating the woods roads to the experts and enjoy tales and local lore from a knowledgeable Maine guide.

Northeast Whitewater Maine moose watching tours and wildlife safaris are offered morning and evenings daily, centered around the habitat of moose and their feeding activity on ponds, in bogs and wood lots.  Moose watching tours by canoe are our #1 best moose tour in the spring and summer months.  Land tours by van are the best moose tours in the fall months.  All moose tours and private safaris are 3.5-4 hours with experienced, fun and knowledgeable registered Maine guides.   Enjoy a truly wild experience when you visit the best place to see moose in Maine.

Look no further!  You want to see a moose – or many moose- then visit the best place to see moose in Maine, right here at Northeast Whitewater Moosehead Lake, Maine.  Don’t delay!  Due to the popularity of our Maine moose watching tours and safaris, you must schedule a moose tour in advance.  Book now or contact us with any questions.

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