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Make Moose a Must when you visit Maine!

Make Moose a Must when you visit Maine!  Make the most out of your Maine vacation with the best moose tour experience.  Did you know?Maine-moose-tours

  • The flap of skin under the moose’s throat is called a bell.
  • Moose have no top front teeth.
  • After the first calf, moose often have twins and can even have triplets.
  • Moose have very poor eyesight and can only see about 25 feet.
  • Moose have an excellent sense of smell -those big noses are good for something!
  • Only male moose grow antlers, which they shed in early winter and re-grow during the year.  The main function of moose antlers is for display during mating season (September).
  • Moose are crepuscular, meaning they are most active during dawn and dusk.

The search for Moosehead’s most famous resident -the moose- is an exciting and wild experience, and yes!- moose are bigger than you could ever imagine! Maine moose can weigh 1,000+ pounds and stand over seven feet tall!  Did you know that moose in our area outnumber people from 3 to 1? That is because Maine is one of the few states with a thriving moose population and the Moosehead Lake area and North Maine Woods is home to these giants.Maine Fall Foliage Moose Watching

Even though our moose population is strong, visitors still need some added help to know where to look to spot a moose. Our registered Maine guides can help with that!   Our moose watching tours run in the morning and evenings daily and are centered around the habitat of moose; when they are moving to feed, grazing in the wood lots, chomping on the pond weeds and providing a natural, scenic and wild experience.  Our guides take guests to secluded ponds where moose feed, undisturbed, on vegetation -pond weed is high in sodium and a delicacy for moose! When the pond vegetation is not a prevalent in early Spring and Fall, guides know of the secret hideouts in the Maine woods to spot moose and take guests for maximum moose sighting opportunities.  Wild experiences like moose watching are unique experiences that guests visiting Maine must do. Prepare to be wildly wowed on our wildlife and moose watching tours.

Tips for the best moose watching:

  • The best times to see moose are early in the morning or around dusk.  Remember, moose are crepuscular?!
  • The best time of year to see the most moose on Northeast Whitewater Moose Watching tours is in May, June and July.  But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go moose watching in August, September or October. Just make sure to check with Northeast Whitewater guest services about the best time and which tour (van versus canoe) is best during that time.
  • Moose prefer shady, wet areas such as bogs and marshes or woodlots with new sapling growth.  
  • Be cautious driving after dark and be alert for any moose in the road.  

Even though our moose population is healthy, hiring a guide to find moose is wise and will make your search for moose much easier.  Moose tours are offered 7 days a week, morning and evening at Northeast Whitewater. Due to the popularity of our moose watching and wildlife tours, please schedule in advance.  Guests that plan last minute are not always able to join a moose tour due to limited space. We offer many unique ways to moose and wildlife watch with us. Choose from a moose canoe tour or land tour by van to see moose with a group of moose lovers or maybe you are seeking a more personalized private experience, than we offer private moose and wildlife safaris.  Whatever way wildlife and moose watching sounds appealing to you, we have the best guides to provide the best wildlife and moose tour experience. Make MOOSE a MUST when you visit Maine, by planning a Moose Tour with us!  Contact Northeast Whitewater for the best moose tour experience 207-695-0151.

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