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7 Reasons Why Maine Is Vacationland

There are many reasons that Maine is called Vacationland.  Maine offers a unique natural setting that has been luring summer vacationers here for years.  Visitors can find endless things to do and places to explore, from pristine wilderness waterways to pine forests, clear waters and its rocky shorelines, Maine represents the perfect setting for summer—one that you won’t find just anywhere.

Maine is a great place to visit because it’s so diverse in what it has to offer.  There’s truly something for everyone when you visit Maine. Simply put, it’s beautiful here!  You can raft down a whitewater river; watch the sun rise from Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park; see a moose in Maine’s wilderness, relax on the beach; and explore Portland—Maine’s world-class city.

Just in case you are still undecided about your families vacation this summer, here’s 7 reasons why Maine is Vacationland – a vacation destination that can’t be matched anywhere!

  1. Go on a moose watching tour – Maine moose can weigh over 1,000 pounds and stand over seven feet just to their shoulders!  And yet despite the massive size of the Maine moose, it can be very hard to find on your own.  Northeast Whitewater’s Maine Moose Watching Tours go on land or by canoe to proven moose hideouts with experienced registered Maine guides.  Get up close and personal, take a great photo of a moose and tell your friends that moose really do exist! Moose Tours Maine
  2. Eat a Lobster or 2!  It doesn’t have to be a lobster on the coast, though that does sound delicious, sitting ocean side taking in the salty air and savory Maine meal.  You can visit Maine, really any part of Vacationland and crack into fresh Maine lobster.  So, tie on your bibs and enjoy the succulent Maine delicacy of lobster when you visit this summer.
  3. Visit Portland Maine – there are so many reasons to visit Portland, but for this post it’s because of the amazing restaurants here.  Portland offers an innovative and nationally recognized hub of cuisine.  Bon Appétit named Portland America’s foodiest small town, the New York Times calls it “one of the best places to eat in the Northeast.”  A culture of eating out and supporting the local culinary scene has been created in Portland and if you love food, you won’t want to miss out on the experience offered in Portland for foodies.
  4. Enjoy a Maine Festival –  Maine has many festivals throughout the summer to celebrate our favorite things about Maine; its heritage, crops, music and lifestyle.  Festivals are typically held annually in Maine and for a couple days to week long events.  You can enjoy Maine’s lobster festival, potato blossom festival and wild blueberry festivals.  Beer even has its own festival in Maine because Beer and Maine’s brewer’s are on the rise.
  5. Whitewater rafting – Northeast Whitewater rafting vacations are not just wonderful ways to see Maine’s Kennebec River and Penobscot River—they’re wonderful ways to see Maine’s Vacationland.  Maine is the only state in the Northeast that can guarantee water levels even during dry sRafting in Maineummers due to daily hydropower dam releases.  Rafting trips can range from day trips to overnight whitewater rafting trips, with visitors staying at area campgrounds, lodges or cabins.  Northeast Whitewater is located at the heart of whitewater rafting country with daily whitewater rafting trips from May – September.  All equipment, transportation to and from the river and a grilled riverside BBQ feast are all included in the rafting trip.
  6. Acadia National Park near Bar Harbor, Maine – When you visit Acadia National Park you will find granite cliffs side by side with sand and cobblestone beaches at its 49,000+ acres of rock-bound coast on Mount Desert Island and offshore islands.   Enjoy hiking paths, biking trails, Cadillac mountain which is the highest peak and where the sun is first seen to welcome the day, the rocky coast and thunder hole.  After a day of adventuring in the park, enjoy the shops and bustling, yet quaint town of Bar Harbor.
  7. Moosehead Lake “America’s Crown Jewel” – When considering places to visit in the Northeast and Vacationland, the Moosehead Lake area of Maine should be a destination that tops your list if you enjoy wide open spaces, all things outdoors, and a vacation that can offer both time for relaxation and recreation.  Northeast Whitewater Moosehead Lake Things To Do give your family an assortment of outdoor options to consider for both half day family activities or full day adventures on Maine’s whitewater rivers or in the wilds of our Maine woods.

There are so many more reasons to visit Maine’s Vacationland and we have scaled it down to our top 7 reasons why.  If you are looking for more inspiration or have questions about your summer vacation plans, contact Northeast Whitewater 207-695-0151 – we are glad to help you visit Maine and enjoy Vacationland with us!



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