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Around Moosehead Lake

Moosehead-lake-scenic-flighThere is so much to do and enjoy around Moosehead Lake.  Maine’s largest lake, Moosehead, sits in the middle western part of the state, at the entrance to 3.5 million acres of forestland, known as the North Maine Woods and home to Maine’s largest population of moose.  The towns located around Moosehead Lake add to the charm and diversity of the community we call home and welcome visitors to explore.  From fun stores to poke around in, to a wide range of lodging accommodations, great grub, seeking out moose and other wildlife, fishing and relaxing; there are wonderful treasures to find around Moosehead Lake and truly something for everyone!

Monson is the first town to welcome guests visiting the Moosehead Lake area.  Located just 10 miles south of the southern tip of Moosehead Lake, it’s a lovely community, home to an artisan scene, some of the best food in the area and a stopping point for Appalachian Trail hikers either finishing or starting the 100 mile wilderness section of the Appalachian Trail.

Continue on north towards the lake and Shirley sits between Monson and Greenville (Moosehead Lake’s southern most town).  Shirley recently was a speedy drive through, but now has 3 businesses worth a stop, North Pointe Farm and Garden, Northeast Whitewater Lodge, Campground and Guide Service for your Moosehead Outdoor Adventures with Yurts and Dove Tail Bats; a company taking on industry giants making a bat that MLB players love to swing.  

Greenville-maine-moosehead-lakeGreenville is the largest town on Moosehead Lake and is known for its amenities.  The Trading Post literally has everything you need from grocery items to camping gear, there are lively shops to buy Maine made items, and a variety of restaurants to please any palate.  A guest favorite activity is a float plane tour around Moosehead Lake with Currier’s or Jack’s Air Service for wonderfully scenic flights of the area and entire lake.  You won’t find any franchises here; instead family owned and operated businesses.  From motels, to 5 star lodges and inns, Greenville offers the right mix of variety.

From Greenville, you have two choices, the east side of Moosehead Lake or the west side of Moosehead Lake both offering cottages and cabin rentals spotted along it’s shores.

moose-toursThe east side of Moosehead Lake is home to Lily Bay State Park, a B52 crash site and a town called Kokadjo-Population Not Many (or so the sign says).  Here you will find the Roach River, a hot spot for fly fishermen.  At this point the road that continues around Moosehead Lake turns to dirt and is only for the well traveled driver and vehicle, since a network of bumpy, dirt logging roads begins.  This is also a great spot for spying moose!

The west side of Moosehead Lake has some of the best hiking spots in the entire area.  The access road to Big and Little Moose Mountain and Eagle Rock is a short drive out of the town of Greenville.  All 3 hikes showcase the absolute beauty of the mountains, the lakes, ponds and rivers that are dotted around Moosehead Lake.  There is exceptional fishing at the East Outlet of the Kennebec River, which flows out of Moosehead Lake into Indian Pond and is the watershed for the Kennebec river that Northeast Whitewater rafting trips enjoy.

The town of Rockwood on the western shore of Moosehead Lake, with it’s cozy cabins, excellent trail mount-kineosystem for ATV and snowmobilers sits in one of the most beautiful spots around Moosehead Lake, across from Mt. Kineo State Park.  From Rockwood a shuttle boat takes visitors from the dock in Rockwood out to Mt. Kineo which is a peninsula on Moosehead Lake.  It’s an absolutely gorgeous sight to see.  There are hiking trails and a golf course on Mt. Kineo – truly a must visit!  Crossing over the Moose River, the inlet to Moosehead Lake the road turns to dirt and is for the adventurous travelers heading towards Pittston Farm, Seboomook and Northeast Carry, located on the northern end of the lake.

When planning your next visit, combine a mix of relaxation with outdoor adventures, eat well and check out the arts, stay in a yurt or 5 star inn, and come visit Moosehead Lake!  The variety of things to see, places to explore and people to meet when you experience what’s around Moosehead Lake will leave you satisfied and thankful you visited.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

For more information and help with your vacation plans, please connect with us or contact me – I’m Jess your Northeast Whitewater Adventure Coordinator 207-695-0151.  See you soon!

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