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Maine has the best Rafting in New England and the Northeast

Some of the most exciting outdoor adventures New England has to offer can be found on the whitewater rapids of Maine’s rapidly flowing rivers. At the heart of maine whitewater raftingwhitewater rafting are Maine rivers; the Penobscot, the Kennebec, the Dead and Canada Falls. Each river with its own array of gorges, waterfalls, and rapids to row, raft and ride with an experienced Maine guide. Maine is home to some of the best river variety in the Northeast, with whitewater suitable for all ages and experience levels. The river’s range from class III-V rapids, with dam controlled water releases every day you are guaranteed the best rafting trip experience whether you are looking for mild to wild whitewater rafting excitement.

Other companies will try to sell you on the best whitewater, but the key to the best whitewater rafting experience for serious whitewater thrills is to consider: is there consistent whitewater all season long?

Rafting in New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts all can offer New England rafting mapspring whitewater rafting thrills, but there is not consistent whitewater releases during the summer and fall. Isn’t the best time to plan your whitewater rafting trip when the water is warm, the sun is shining and the kids are on school break? We think so too! We understand that each one of these beautiful New England states may promote rafting in the Northeast, but to truly experience whitewater thrills pitched to your comfort and skill level, we recommend choosing whitewater rafting in Maine for the best family rafting flows, big whitewater waves, pounding hydraulics and adventurous whitewater rafting trips. So, without question, you must travel to Maine for the best whitewater rafting in New England.  Any other summer rafting trip will simply not compare to the amazing whitewater rafting experience Maine rivers and the registered Maine whitewater rafting guides can offer you.  Northeast Whitewater is located in the middle of Maine, the heart of moose country, at Moosehead Lake in the Maine Highlands.

Why Maine is the place for your Best Rafting Trip:

  1. Consistent, daily whitewater rafting flows 7 days a week May – October.
  2. Intermediate to action packed whitewater rafting releases from Class III-V; yes, even in the heat of
    the summer!
  3. Experienced Maine raft guides and whitewater rafting outfitters.
  4. Safety conscious guides – Northeast Whitewater raft guides are not only licensed in Maine through a whitewater raft guide training, but are also Swiftwater Rescue trained and certified all with advanced first aid qualifications.
  5. All whitewater equipment, river trip transportation and hot showers after a day on the water included!
  6. Riverside BBQ with guest favorite – gooey delicious Brownies!
  7. Fun, knowledgable, adventurous outdoor experience with awesome outdoor loving people!

Are you ready to plan your best rafting trip in New England and the Northeast? Let Northeast Whitewater be your guide to Maine whitewater rafting.  Browse our trips, contact our adventure coordinators 207-695-0151 or book your rafting trip now!

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