Reasons We Love Whitewater Rafting - Rafting is good for you

5 Reasons We Love Whitewater Rafting

The Northeast has incredibly awesome whitewater rivers.  Here’s 5 reasons why we love whitewater rafting and think you will, too!

Adventure – the spice of life.  We all need a little adventure in our lives.  Step out of your comfort zone, feel your adrenaline flow while the river rushes around you.  Whitewater rafting is a thrilling, adventure that really makes you feel alive, puts a smile on your face and truly makes you happy.

img_0056Wildlife & Scenery – nature abounds.  Bald eagles, osprey and waterfowl; mergansers and mallards to name a few.  Craggy, rock gorge cliff walls jutting up from the rolling river waves, best seen from our whitewater rafts.  Uniquely experienced wildlife spotting of moose on the Penobscot river and moose greet our bus many days when we traverse the woods road to our Kennebec river rafting trip.

Health and Wellness.  Putting outdoor time on your calendar is good for your health and well being, so why not add whitewater rafting to your outdoor agenda?  A day of whitewater rafting gives you a natural splash of vitamin D.  Rafting is a great way to get exercise while having fun, you will be embraced by a beautiful natural environment that will make you feel happy.  And what is great about that?  A good night sleep will be a great nightcap after a day spent in the outdoors on one of our Maine rivers.

Awesome guides – 2016 Maine Raft Guide Olympics Champions!  Not only are our Maine whitewater rafting guides fun to spend the day with, they are knowledgeable about the whitewater rivers, the area, tales and lore of the Maine river community and did I mention champions of the 2016 Maine raft guide Olympics?!  In a nutshell, we are a team.  Northeast Whitewater rafting guides take pride in offering an awesome whitewater rafting experience from the moment guests arrive, entertainment on the bus ride to the river and devoted to providing a safe, fun, whitewater rafting experience for all.  [Northeast Whitewater Raft Guide were the 2017 Guide Olympic runner up!]

nwr-8-04-16-k040Time spent with loved onesWhitewater rafting in Maine is our #1 family trip.  Time spent with loved ones whitewater rafting is top of our things to do list at Northeast Whitewater.  Kids unplug, memories are made with friends and family that last a lifetime.  Whether its river time with your bachelor friends, a class trip for your students or the hottest choice for your family vacation, time spent with your loved ones on a whitewater rafting trip is time well spent.

These are just a few reasons we love whitewater rafting and guarantee that you will to.  So give whitewater rafting with Northeast Whitewater a try and I’m sure that you will find our 5 reasons we love whitewater rafting, are 100% true!  You can join Northeast Whitewater for both day and overnight rafting trips from May – September.  Get started!


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