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Season Highlights

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Moosehead-lake-scenic-flighA visit to Moosehead Lake will leave you completely satisfied enjoying the Maine woods, rivers, and mountains all the while adventuring in a scenic and beautiful place. Some of Northeast Whitewater season highlights include being a big part of your Maine vacation.  Thank you to the best guests any business could ever ask for!  We are thankful you visited Moosehead Lake and enjoyed what this area offers.  We understand folks have many choices when planning vacations, that’s why we are so appreciative that you chose to spend it with us!  Thank you so much for you kind words, support and continued love of Northeast Whitewater.  That resonated hugely with the amount of wonderful reviews we received this year.

Your kind words are a big season highlight and sound a lot like this:

“We had a great time! We saw THREE moose! A bull, a cow, and a calf!”

“We ran Canada Falls in late August 2019. What a wonderful trip! Staff was great. They were friendly and fun and passionate about rafting!” 

“Beyond Amazing.  I can’t say enough.  My family, including my 7 and 9 year old boys, LOVED IT!”

“This company really thinks of everything with great quality, care and customer service. We’re already planning our next trip back!”

…and so many more!!!!

northeast-whitewater-guidesWe had the fortunate opportunity to have a wonderful returning guide staff this season.  The experience, longevity and passion for what our guides do day in and out is evident in their work and exceptional customer service.  The business climate and labor shortage in Maine thankfully did not impact us as hard as some other businesses.  We are positive that the environment we live and work in is a wonderful place for young men and women to grow interpersonally, gain skills and knowledge to impact their futures, make lifelong connections, all the while having fun along the way.  Considering your opportunity to Live & Work in Maine; visit for a week, stay for a lifetime.  If you have thought about becoming a guide, consider one of our guide training programs and join our team!

Gearing up for  -winding down from- and everything in between is what makes our season so much fun.  Northeast Whitewater is a three season adventure resort destination offering moose tours, rafting trips, campground with yurts, outdoor instruction programs, adventures from mild to wild and has the best guides around.  During the winter months, Northeast Whitewater keeps busy marketing and advertising our Maine small business; with networking engagements, participating in camping and outdoor shows and events around New England.  For the winter of 2020, Northeast Whitewater staff is already signed up to participate at:

Springfield RV, Camping & Outdoor Show at Eastern States in W. Springfield, MA 2/14/20 – 2/17/20

Worcester RV & Camping Show at the DCU Center in Worcester, MA 2/21/20 – 2/23/20

More engagements to follow, so stay tuned and we look forward to seeing you soon!  Thank you so much for getting to know us, whether through our outdoor adventures or staying here at our campground; we love it here and are glad we were able to share Northeast Whitewater with you.  Until next time, take care and keep traveling; it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. 

Around Moosehead Lake

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Moosehead-lake-scenic-flighThere is so much to do and enjoy around Moosehead Lake.  Maine’s largest lake, Moosehead, sits in the middle western part of the state, at the entrance to 3.5 million acres of forestland, known as the North Maine Woods and home to Maine’s largest population of moose.  The towns located around Moosehead Lake add to the charm and diversity of the community we call home and welcome visitors to explore.  From fun stores to poke around in, to a wide range of lodging accommodations, great grub, seeking out moose and other wildlife, fishing and relaxing; there are wonderful treasures to find around Moosehead Lake and truly something for everyone!

Monson is the first town to welcome guests visiting the Moosehead Lake area.  Located just 10 miles south of the southern tip of Moosehead Lake, it’s a lovely community, home to an artisan scene, some of the best food in the area and a stopping point for Appalachian Trail hikers either finishing or starting the 100 mile wilderness section of the Appalachian Trail.

Continue on north towards the lake and Shirley sits between Monson and Greenville (Moosehead Lake’s southern most town).  Shirley recently was a speedy drive through, but now has 3 businesses worth a stop, North Pointe Farm and Garden, Northeast Whitewater Lodge, Campground and Guide Service for your Moosehead Outdoor Adventures with Yurts and Dove Tail Bats; a company taking on industry giants making a bat that MLB players love to swing.  

Greenville-maine-moosehead-lakeGreenville is the largest town on Moosehead Lake and is known for its amenities.  The Trading Post literally has everything you need from grocery items to camping gear, there are lively shops to buy Maine made items, and a variety of restaurants to please any palate.  A guest favorite activity is a float plane tour around Moosehead Lake with Currier’s or Jack’s Air Service for wonderfully scenic flights of the area and entire lake.  You won’t find any franchises here; instead family owned and operated businesses.  From motels, to 5 star lodges and inns, Greenville offers the right mix of variety.

From Greenville, you have two choices, the east side of Moosehead Lake or the west side of Moosehead Lake both offering cottages and cabin rentals spotted along it’s shores.

moose-toursThe east side of Moosehead Lake is home to Lily Bay State Park, a B52 crash site and a town called Kokadjo-Population Not Many (or so the sign says).  Here you will find the Roach River, a hot spot for fly fishermen.  At this point the road that continues around Moosehead Lake turns to dirt and is only for the well traveled driver and vehicle, since a network of bumpy, dirt logging roads begins.  This is also a great spot for spying moose!

The west side of Moosehead Lake has some of the best hiking spots in the entire area.  The access road to Big and Little Moose Mountain and Eagle Rock is a short drive out of the town of Greenville.  All 3 hikes showcase the absolute beauty of the mountains, the lakes, ponds and rivers that are dotted around Moosehead Lake.  There is exceptional fishing at the East Outlet of the Kennebec River, which flows out of Moosehead Lake into Indian Pond and is the watershed for the Kennebec river that Northeast Whitewater rafting trips enjoy.

The town of Rockwood on the western shore of Moosehead Lake, with it’s cozy cabins, excellent trail mount-kineosystem for ATV and snowmobilers sits in one of the most beautiful spots around Moosehead Lake, across from Mt. Kineo State Park.  From Rockwood a shuttle boat takes visitors from the dock in Rockwood out to Mt. Kineo which is a peninsula on Moosehead Lake.  It’s an absolutely gorgeous sight to see.  There are hiking trails and a golf course on Mt. Kineo – truly a must visit!  Crossing over the Moose River, the inlet to Moosehead Lake the road turns to dirt and is for the adventurous travelers heading towards Pittston Farm, Seboomook and Northeast Carry, located on the northern end of the lake.

When planning your next visit, combine a mix of relaxation with outdoor adventures, eat well and check out the arts, stay in a yurt or 5 star inn, and come visit Moosehead Lake!  The variety of things to see, places to explore and people to meet when you experience what’s around Moosehead Lake will leave you satisfied and thankful you visited.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

For more information and help with your vacation plans, please connect with us or contact me – I’m Jess your Northeast Whitewater Adventure Coordinator 207-695-0151.  See you soon!

Maine Life

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Being a Mainer, it’s easy to see why living the Maine life is so special to us.  Maine is a place with vast forests, mountain views and amazing hikes, world class rivers for fishing and rafting, miles of rocky coastline and hardy people that offer big smiles, open doors, good talks and character that is undoubtedly special in this big, beautiful state we call home.   Northeast Whitewater is owned and operated by two Mainer’s each with unique experiences and individual interests with the common goal to share with our guests, what we love about Maine.  The Moosehead Lake area is our home and at the heart of what we do.  We are very excited to show you our Maine Life.

Maine LifeVanessa Santarelli from Your Maine Concierge organizes unique Maine experiences to showcase all that our great state has to offer visitors and locals alike. MaineLife takes you around the state with Erin Ovalle to meet fascinating locals, explore new places to visit, and uncover the positive stories you won’t hear anywhere else.  Northeast Whitewater was fortunate to be asked to take MaineLife on a Moose Safari!  Maine moose watching is a popular activity for guests, visitors and Maine people to explore the back roads seeking out moose.  Northeast Whitewater offers daily moose watching tours centered around the habitat of when moose are moving to feed on shallow ponds, bogs and wetlands.  Guests can choose from our most popular moose canoe tour or a land excursion to see moose in the wilderness of the Maine woods.  MaineLife opted for the land maine moose watchingexcursion to maximize a short outing to be entertained, see some wildlife and of course MOOSE with guide Jess!  We saw black bear, deer, moose, an osprey, mergansers and beautiful scenery together on our morning outing.

In Season 4 Episode 12, Moosehead Lake was the featured location and Northeast Whitewater, along with Blair Hill Inn and Jack’s Air Service had the fortunate pleasure to share stories about our businesses to the viewers.  You can watch the Moosehead Lake episode here:

Northeast Whitewater is a family oriented, nature based outdoor adventure destination that inspires northeast whitewater camping gift shopvacationers, families and youth in outdoor educational pursuits, through guided interpretation in eco-tours, on water trips, wildlife and moose watching, at Northeast Whitewater Lodge, Campground & Guide Service at Moosehead Lake, Maine. We suggest the right activities for you with insider information on where to eat, what to do, and where to stay with our campground and yurts or with our preferred lodging partners at Moosehead Lake.  As your guides for the best Moosehead Outdoor Adventures we look forward to your visit and next adventure with us whether that be whitewater rafting, moose watching, a yurt stay and exploring the Maine highlands and lakes with us!

“Led by Erin Ovalle, Maine Life Media is a production company based in Portland, Maine. The company was launched in 2016 to produce the show MaineLife, which explores some of the best local stories you might not otherwise hear about, and has grown to also include This is Maine, a community-focused show that takes Erin on the road to cities and towns across the state celebrating all of the things that make Maine the best place to live and work.”

History of Whitewater Rafting in Maine

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History of Rafting through the eyes of a 40 year old Girl from Maine.

I turned 40 in February.  I remember when my parents celebrated their 40th birthdays with friends at our farmhouse in Perham (Maine) and at that time thinking…they are SO OLD!  They would get together and tell stories with their friends and exchange funny gifts, of course all in a funeral style black attire setting, laugh and mount-washingtontalk about the good times of their past.  My 40th birthday was spent downhill skiing at Mount Washington and enjoying the outdoors and while we celebrated, I couldn’t believe how quickly time had passed from when I was a 10 year old little girl inquisitively watching my parents and their 40 years of life to now – 30 years later and being 40 myself.  There are times when history seems so long ago and at other times, that it couldn’t have actually been that long ago.

Most of us can relate to wanting to be somebody someday or experience something really cool; a great example of that (to me) is the evolution of our Maine whitewater rafting tradition.  It wasn’t that long ago, when a few pioneers set out to create the opportunity for an awesome outdoor river experience, but there were hurdles, obstacles and the unknowns of what would come of it all.  But, they didn’t let time pass them by. Instead, took advantage of an opportunity … through the struggles, opportunities and continuing evolution of an industry that truly is only a little over 40 years old.  It’s fascinating to me how quickly change can happen, but how long change can feel. Here’s my abbreviated version of time and history related to whitewater rafting in Maine. A perspective from a Maine girl that is now as old (or young) as whitewater rafting in Maine.

For most of us to even conceptualize what 200 years means, is literally a mind blown moment.  When ripogenus-damyou put it into perspective, my niece literally has no idea what it means to never have had internet.  A world without the interweb … what will we do?  A 200-year tradition is exactly what the logging tradition was; 200 years of woods work.  In 1971, under pressure from environmentalists, the State Legislature passed a law forbidding the log drive after 1976.  I wasn’t even born yet! My older brother was born in March of 1976 and a mere 3 years later I came screeching into the lives of my northern Maine family.  1976, marked the year that change that had been talked about, discussed, mulled over for years had finally arrived. 1976, was the year of the last log drive down the Kennebec River from Moosehead Lake to The Forks, then all the way to the paper mill in Winslow and finally to Augusta and Hallowell.  The centuries-old Maine tradition came to an end, the result of Mainers and the rest of America’s changing views on water pollution, recreation, paper making and highway transportation.

The Golden Road, a privately owned and mostly unpaved road that runs from Millinocket to the Quebec border, was built as a direct response to the end of the log drives down Maine rivers.  The West Branch of the Penobscot river meanders it’s way nearby the Golden road at the edge of Baxter State Park. One of the best, scenic and wild whitewater rivers in the country for class III-V whitewater rafting, kayaking and world class fishing.  It’s a truly amazing place for outdoor recreation enthusiasts visiting and living in the state of Maine.

In 1976 when the Kennebec River was ending its role as a log-running river and could now be used recreationally, Wayne Hockmeyer conceptualized a plan in 1975 while hiking into the Kennebec Gorge that this place is a “great, undiscovered fishing spot”. It would possess some pristine fishing spots, but no one had ever rafted it, commercially or recreationally. That spring, Kennebec Whitewater Expeditions became the first outfitter to raft the Kennebec River and the first commercial rafting trip in all of Maine. The rafting trip was different from today’s Kennebec river rafting trip; these pioneers would put in at the East Outlet of the Kennebec River, its head-waters being Moosehead Lake, paddled and motored across Indian Pond, took off the motor, and carried around Harris Station dam.  That first run on the Kennebec River, not knowing what to expect for whitewater rapids downstream, I can only imagine their excitement and I imagine it being incredibly exhilarating!

My very first time going whitewater rafting in Maine was in 1996.  20 years after the first commercial whitewater rafting trip. My parents, their friends (yes, the same one’s they celebrated their 40-year-old birthdays together), and the kids ranging in ages from 12-20 reserved with a Kennebec river rafting outfitter 2 rafts for a weekend getaway.  I’ll be honest, I was nervous. Our guide was terrific. Cute, quirky, knowledgeable and fun to spend the day with. That weekend we enjoyed cook outs, campfires and fun being together experiencing something new and exciting for us – whitewater. Fast forward to the fall of 1999 and I was invited by a guide to go rafting on the Dead River.  Again, I was fascinated by the river community. These happy, hardy, outdoor loving people had interesting stories and a passion for the rivers they guided. I truly felt like I was entering an entirely special place with their different perspectives, ages and experiences, and the one commonality – their love for whitewater.

As a Maine girl, born and raised in “the County”, I loved spending time at camp, being in the outdoors in nature, enjoying the lake, connecting with people having fun experiences.  I never imagined that first time or even the second time that I went whitewater rafting in Maine, that I would end up owning a rafting company! That guy that invited me on the Dead River in 1999 pivoted my path.  While my raft guide husband worked as a river manager and guide beginning in 1997 and then in 2007 we started our own whitewater rafting company. I went on multiple river trips on the Kennebec and Penobscot rivers; finally took the plunge and become a whitewater rafting guide in 2010 after living and working in both river communities on the Kennebec and Penobscot Rivers.   

Moosehead Lake areaWe were pulled back to where whitewater all started, though.  For us, it was about Moosehead Lake. We like to say that we followed in the footsteps of the Pioneer of whitewater rafting in Maine because we set our roots here at Moosehead Lake, where whitewater rafting in Maine began.  Perfectly situated between world class whitewater; the Kennebec and Penobscot Rivers are uniquely different river experiences perfect for families and first time rafters and the more adventurous whitewater rafting enthusiasts.  Rafting guides are trained to lead safe, quality, informative, fun trips – whitewater rafting is an awesome way to meet wonderful outdoors men and women eager to share with you their experiences, stories and love for rivers. Don’t wait 20 or even 40 years to get on a whitewater rafting trip and don’t go just one time in your life!  Each guide, each river, and each rafting company can offer you an amazing experience and each experience is special in its own, unique way. You will easily create memories, like I have, that will literally change you – don’t wait – go whitewater rafting!

Quick overview of the Kennebec River:northeast whitewater trips

Family Fun

Big Waves

#1 Trip for Everyone!

Ages 8+

Quick overview of the Penobscot River:


Scenic & Wild

Class V whitewater

Ages 14+


Kennebec River RaftingQuick overview of the Dead River:  

Special Releases

High Volume

Ages 12+


Canada-falls-raftingQuick overview of Canada Falls:

Unique to Northeast Whitewater

4 Class V Rapids

Steep, challenging, technical

Ages 14+


About Jessica: When I’m not running my business, I love adventures, travel, music, all things plants, good food, wine and playing with my dogs, our Northeast Whitewater Official Greeters.  As the Northeast Whitewater Adventure Coordinator, I suggest the right activities for you with insider information on where to eat, what to do, and where to stay with our campground and yurts and Moosehead Lake partners.  We welcome you to experience this amazing place with us and learn more about us in our journey as a Maine outdoor business.

Gift Shop

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Stop by Northeast Whitewater gift shop to shop Moose Gifts, River Essentials, Camp Stuff and Moosehead Lake gifts for your best Moosehead Outdoor Adventure getaway and memorabilia!

A visit to Moosehead Lake isn’t complete without shopping for souvenirs and visiting our Northeast Whitewater gift shop.  Our gift shop has a little bit of everykissed a moose giftthing for everyone.  Moose gifts and moose items of all sorts are sold here.  We have a variety of moose mugs, ornaments, magnets, t-shirts for all ages and sizes and of course the little ones’ – must get a gift for the grand kids!  Unique adult gifts like our patriotic moose Old Glory t-shirt, ladies gravitate to our groovy painted and blooming moose and the collectors in the bunch that are looking for shot glasses and magnets for your beer cooler / fridge (or a koozie for your beer), and seriously the BEST stickers you will “evah” find at Moosehead Lake!

northeast whitewater gift shopIn addition to moose gifts at our gift shop, we also have a large variety of river gear.  We call our river gear department the “River Essentials” section of our store.  From synthetics – one of our guest favorites river shirts – that are great for water activities, to fleece hats and pullovers, river knives, carabiners, pulley’s, prusiks cord, all sizes of NRS straps and items for making a handy on water river kit.  It’s all right here!

For guests staying in our yurts and campground, we have those last minute – oh I forgot that – kind of items; my favorite … the wine key!  Of course, fun ways to enjoy the campfire telling stories, eating s’mores, popping popcorn and sparkling up the night with friends and family.  We are excited to be adding to our online shop this season our new camp items, moose stuff and river gear.  Gift certificates and some items have already been added to the online shop, so check it out!

northeast whitewater camping gift shopNortheast Whitewater is your Moosehead Outdoor Adventures located on route 15 between the lake communities of Monson and Greenville.  We are perfectly situated 5 miles between both lake towns in our favorite Maine town of Shirley.  Northeast Whitewater gift shop is open 7 days a week and all are welcome here!  You do not have to be scheduled on any trips with us or be staying with us in our campground to stop here and shop around our gift shop.  We love when folks stop by to see our gift shop and the fun new items we add to it each year.  So on your next trip “Upta Camp”, put the brakes on Bub and pull in to see Northeast Whitewater gift shop and all that we have to offer for your Moosehead Outdoor Adventure getaway.

Directions and how to find Northeast Whitewater on google maps.  FMI 207-695-0151.  We’ll be adding more gift shop items to our online shop throughout the season!

Best Moosehead Lake Things To Do

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Moosehead Lake toursBest Maine Adventures for your fun family travel plans when you visit Moosehead Lake!  Choose from a variety of mild to wild fun outdoor adventures when you are in search of the best Moosehead Lake things to do and Maine outdoor adventures.  Our best Moosehead Lake things to do were compiled for our family visitors and outdoor enthusiasts seeking a fun range of the best outdoor Maine adventures.  At the footsteps of your unique Moosehead getaway and stay at Northeast Whitewater Yurts and campground, there are waterfalls, variety of hikes, biking trails, wildlife watching, moose, whitewater rivers, ponds, lakes and streams for your outdoor fun and enjoyment to make your Moosehead Lake vacation the best Maine adventures getaway!

Moosehead-whitewater-raftingHere’s our list of the best Maine adventures in our best Moosehead Lake things to do – we’ve picked 7 of our favorite Moosehead Lake Things to do for your convenience.

  1. Maine Moose Watching Tour – #1 moose tour at Moosehead Lake!  Hire a guide and get up close and personal to the magnificent Maine moose.  Moosehead Lake is known for the best moose tour sightings. The local knowledge gained on a guided moose tour is priceless.
  2. Visit Moosehead Lake State Parks – Lily Bay State Park – Mt Kineo State Park on Moosehead Lake!  Take a ferry to Mt Kineo State park for hiking, golfing and enjoying an “island” getaway.  Lily Bay state park is the best spot for biking, natural trails, hiking paths and a campfire picnic.
  3. Best Whitewater Rafting – Mild to Wild White Water Rafting Trips!  Family fun to wild, adventurous rapids Northeast Whitewater rivers are the best whitewater rafting in New England and Maine rafting trips launch at Moosehead Lake.
  4. Hiking the Maine Highlands – Waterfalls – Moosehead Pinnacle Pursuit!  Multiple waterfalls, half day family hikes, and more challenging day hiking trips are within 10 miles of Moosehead Lake.  Known for Gulf Hagas: the Grand Canyon of Maine”, the Appalachian Trail and epic hiking challenge, Moosehead Pinnacle Pursuit – this is a hikers paradise!
  5. Cultural Heritage of the Maine Woods – Historical Sites!  Thoreau said, “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately…” We celebrate stewardship of Maine’s unique cultural heritage and natural resources.  Ahoy! on the Kate – Katahdin Steamship with history of logging; a top sightseeing cruise for all ages.  Don’t miss the walking history tour of B52 Plane Crash Site.  
  6. Paddling Trips – Canoeing – Kayaking – Stand up Paddleboarding!  With multiple ponds, lakes, streams and rivers to enjoy a leisurely canoe paddle, stand up paddle boarding adventure or kayaking tour to see loon, mergansers, eagles fishing and even moose feeding; on water excursions are perfect for all ages and abilities to experience the perfect paddling touring trip.
  7. Wildlife Watching – Nature Tours – Birding – Scenic Sightseeing Drives!  Adventuring made to  be relaxing is a scenic sightseeing drive to look for moose, grab an ice cream and enjoy the lake communities of Monson, Greenville, Kokadjo and Rockwood.  Haven’t found your moose yet?  Hire Northeast Whitewater Maine moose watching!

moose toursWhen visiting Maine, make Moosehead Lake your “must to do” and experience our two state parks, historic landmarks, the history and heritage of our Maine woods, fun mild to wild activities, all the while getting the best Maine adventure experience with friends and family. Northeast Whitewater is proud to be your Moosehead Outdoor Adventures offering affordable, fun outdoor activities at the heart of moose country.  Contact us for your best Maine adventures 207-695-0151 and we hope our  list of our best Moosehead Lake things to do has got you planning or ready to book your vacation!

Maine has the Best Rafting in New England and the Northeast

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Some of the most exciting outdoor adventures New England has to offer can be found on the whitewater rapids of Maine’s rapidly flowing rivers. At the heart of maine whitewater raftingwhitewater rafting trips are Maine rivers; the Penobscot, the Kennebec, the Dead and Canada Falls, each with its own array of gorges, waterfalls, and rapids to row, raft and ride with an experienced Maine rafting guide. Maine offers the best rafting in New England and the Northeast.  Maine is your whitewater rafting state in the Northeast with the best river variety and rafting options to make whitewater rafting accessible to all ages and experience levels, with class III-V whitewater; it’s the best place in New England for mild to wild whitewater rafting excitement with dam controlled rafting releases every day all season long, you are guaranteed the best rafting trip experience when whitewater is top of your New England travel bucket list.  

Other companies will try to sell you on the best whitewater, but the key to the best whitewater rafting experience for serious whitewater thrills is to consider: is there consistent whitewater all season long?

Rafting in New Hampshire, rafting in Vermont and whitewater rafting in Massachusetts all can offer New England rafting mapspring whitewater rafting thrills, but there is not consistent whitewater releases during the summer and fall.  Isn’t the best time to plan your whitewater rafting trip when the water is warm, the sun is shining and the kids are on school break?  We think so too! We understand that each one of these beautiful New England states may promote rafting in the Northeast, but to truly experience whitewater thrills pitched to your comfort and skill level, you must choose whitewater rafting in Maine for the best family rafting flows, big whitewater waves, pounding hydraulics and adventurous whitewater rafting trips… and YES, even when it’s a hot summer day, Maine rivers have scheduled dam releases for whitewater rafting.  So, without question, you must travel to Maine for the best whitewater rafting in New England.  Any other summer rafting trip will simply not compare to the amazing whitewater rafting experience Maine rivers and the registered Maine whitewater rafting guides can offer you.  Northeast Whitewater is located in the middle of Maine, the heart of moose country, at Moosehead Lake in the Maine Highlands.

Why Maine is the place for your Best Rafting Trip:

  1. Consistent, daily whitewater rafting flows 7 days a week May – October.
  2. Intermediate to action packed whitewater rafting releases from Class III-V; yes, even in the heat of
    the summer!
  3. Experienced Maine raft guides and whitewater rafting outfitters.
  4. Safety conscious guides – Northeast Whitewater raft guides are not only licensed in Maine through a whitewater raft guide training, but are also Swiftwater Rescue trained and certified all with advanced first aid qualifications.
  5. All whitewater equipment, river trip transportation and hot showers after a day on the water included!
  6. Riverside BBQ with guest favorite – gooey delicious Brownies!
  7. Fun, knowledgable, adventurous outdoor experience with awesome outdoor loving people!

Are you ready to plan your best rafting trip in New England and the Northeast?  Let Northeast Whitewater be your guide to Maine whitewater rafting.  Browse our trips, contact our adventure coordinators 207-695-0151 or book your rafting trip now!

The Moosehead Lake Experience

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There’s so much to do when you visit Maine’s largest lake -Moosehead- and the woods of Maine!  Northeast Whitewater is known as Moosehead Outdoor Adventures; we guide authentic adventures in the woods of Maine on our whitewater rafting trips, moose watching tours, waterfall hikes, canoeing and kayaking trips to immerse guests in what we think offers the best Moosehead Lake experience. We love the Moosehead Lake area and know you will, too.

Check out our recommendations for favorite local food and restaurants, seeing wildlife, adventuring with us and on your own to have the best Moosehead Lake experience.  Here’s some of our ideas to make your Moosehead Lake experience, unforgettable during your visit.

maine birdingMaine Birding!

Maine’s boreal forest is a prime bird-watching spot for singing warblers, thrushes, vireos, and northern finches. Spruce Grouse, Black-backed Woodpecker, Boreal Chickadee, Gray Jay, and of course seeing a Moose are highlights bird watching enthusiasts visiting the Moosehead Lake area.  This may sound looney, but have you heard the common loon? The bald eagle is one of many birds you can spot in Maine year-round. Maine’s inland fisheries and wildlife reports that Maine has the largest population in the Northeast, 500 pairs.    

Add the Moosehead Lake area to your birding bucket list!

B52 Plane Crash Site!

On January 24, 1963 a United States Air Force Boeing B-52C Stratofortress with nine crew members on board lost its vertical stabilizer due to turbulence at low altitude and crashed on Elephant Mountain six miles east of Moosehead Lake, killing seven crew members. The pilot and navigator survived the night, suffering temperatures dipping to -28 degrees Fahrenheit and five feet of snow, before they were rescued.  The B-52 had a wingspan of 185 feet and was 160 feet long from head to tail. Twisted metal, shredded wheels, rusted machinery components, wires and the partially intact tail cone are among the wreckage.

Northeast Whitewater does offer guided interpretive tours to the site throughout our season May – October.

Moosehead Area Hikes!

Seek out Maine’s most scenic waterfalls and hikes less than 10 miles from maine hikesNortheast Whitewater.  

Based on your skill level you can choose from short day hikes or opt for a more rigorous and challenging mountain based on your hiking pursuit.  Nearby to Northeast Whitewater are Big Moose and Little Moose Mountains, and Eagle Rock.

If the spirit of competition gets you motivated, consider the Moosehead Pinnacle Pursuit.  The Moosehead Pinnacle Pursuit is a six mountain hiking challenge. The mountains include: Mount Kineo, Number Four Mountain, Whitecap Mountain, Eagle Rock, Big Moose Mountain, and Borestone Mountain.

State Parks (Lily Bay & Mount Kineo)!

Moosehead Lake is the largest mountain lake in the Eastern United States, with over 80 islands scattered throughout its almost 75,000 acres of natural freshwater home to two State Parks.

Lily Bay State Park is located on the east shore of Moosehead Lake.  You are assured to see whitetail deer walking the tote roads, waterfowl on the shores of the Lake and patrons enjoy swimming, kayaking and relaxing at this scenic and beautiful State Park.

Mount Kineo rises 700 feet high above the surface of Moosehead Lake.  A commercial boat shuttle to Mount Kineo leaves routinely from Rockwood, located on Moosehead Lake’s western shore on the hour daily.  Choose from 4 different hiking trails to the summit. Then, take a dip in the lake, sunbathe on the sandy beach and enjoy a picnic lunch on your very own (for the day) island hideaway!  

Local eats – our favorite restaurants! 

Northeast Whitewater is in what we think is the perfect location – 5 miles between two lake towns and the best local eats.  Head north to Greenville and stop at Jamo’s to get our favorite, the Dagwood.  This is a locals place great for pizza after a long day enjoying the outdoors or grabbing a sandwich before your next adventure.  Stress Free Moose pub has an extensive selection of craft brews, wine and good food for a social and lively atmosphere.  Head south to Monson for the best BBQ at Spring Creek BBQ or a lively pub with great grub at the Lakeshore House on lake Hebron.  The Monson General Store has craft beers, local wines and delicious breakfast and lunch eats.  This is the ideal stop for guests coming through Monson needing a quick bite to eat before our afternoon Moose Watching Tours!

maine-wildlife-moose-toursWe recognize that your vacation may be to follow your inner compass and do your own thing, but with a little help from Northeast Whitewater guides you will be well on your way to enjoying all that there is to see and to do at Moosehead Lake.  Northeast Whitewater welcomes you to enjoy the best Moosehead Lake experience.  Whether it be local eats, adventures or relaxing – let Northeast Whitewater be your guide!

Adventures are our thing, let’s connect to talk travel plans, please be in contact with our adventure coordinators 207-695-0151 and browse our trips!

Best Group Adventure Trips

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Northeast Whitewater is proud to host all types of groups on our Moosehead Outdoor Adventures. Folks and families seeking adventure, organizations, corporate retreats and team building trips for all experience levels, scout troop adventures, and community outdoor events.  No matter if you are a Mainer or from away, Northeast Whitewater is pleased to be your host to all the Moosehead Lake area offers by providing the best group adventure trips, best group adventures, best customer service and most amazing location.  Why wouldn’t you choose the best Maine rafting company to offer the best whitewater rafting and Moosehead outdoor adventure for your Group?


Choosing a guided adventure vacation can take you beyond your comfort zone and allow you to try something exciting and new together as a family, that will surely create memories to last a lifetime.  Venture into the wilds of the north woods to experience the splendor of seeing one of the largest animals in the northern hemisphere…Moose! Maine is home to 60,000 moose, but they are elusive so hiring a guide to take you and your family to the secret spots where moose live can be an adventure of a lifetime.  All ages welcome on our moose tours.

Our #1 family rafting trip is our Kennebec River rafting trip. Our registered Maine guides not only navigate through the whitewater rapids, they lead fun games both on and off the water, there is a delicious riverside BBQ served up mid-day and the finest selection of whitewater equipment to play around on the river.  All you need to do is weigh 50 pounds or by 8 years old and you are ready to go! Happy hikers can enjoy waterfall hikes and tours with Northeast Whitewater with your choice of a moderate 3 mile round trip hike or a 1 mile round trip walk in the woods.

Waterfall hikes are a great way to show your kids the Maine forest and moss covered landscapes in a 3-4 hour outing.  Then don’t forget to plan your stay with us! Bunk bed yurts for families or Mom & Dad stay in the king bed yurt, while the kids pitch a tent on your yurt site! No matter what the family experience your family is looking for, Northeast Whitewater has the right family outdoor adventures for you!

Scouting Trips

Adventuring in the wilderness, whether on wild rivers, remote landscapes or vast lakes and scenic rivers makes a big impact in our lives.  The connection to nature and journey through these amazing scouting-tripsplaces shapes individuals for a lifetime. Northeast Whitewater Scouting Trips and Adventure Programs promote character development, skills in the outdoors, connection to other scouts all the while building tight bonds and great memories.  Our Scouting Trips get scout troops to explore in the outdoors, while finding what is important to each scouts individuality. As an alternative to a Maine High Adventure program, Northeast Whitewater custom tailors scouting trips and scout adventure programs with an impressive learning experience, all the while having a boat-load of FUN!  Camping in in our wooded tent camping area or bunk bed yurts are both wonderful ways to experience a scout troop adventure trip at Northeast Whitewater.

Team Building

team building groupOur corporate outing and team building experience offers your team an amazing opportunity for exploration, developing at work relationships out of work, learning together and a whole lot of fun. One of the best ways to grow a team is through experiences in nature.  Enjoying a day trip adventuring with Northeast Whitewater guides and an overnight getaway in our campground or yurts expands on the team building goals of any corporate structure by taking the walls down and getting outside through thoughtful team building exercises. Join in the fun with Northeast Whitewater on your next Team Outing with one of our Experiential Trips!

Adrenaline Junkies

So you say you’ve rafted before, but have you rafted in Maine?  Dam controlled whitewater rivers with daily scheduled whitewater rafting releases make Maine rafting some of the best whitewater rafting in the country.  Choose high volume whitewater rafting excitement by rafting 1 of 4 high water rafting release days on the high water release river days on the Kennebec river.  Imagine 8000 basketballs high water kennebec rivershooting out of the dam every second – pretty massive whitewater pounding yessah! But, you don’t want to be so selective with only 4 dates to get on this wild whitewater ride?  Step it up to challenge the rapids of the Penobscot river with daily technical, adventurous class III-V whitewater rapids. This is not your grandpa’s rafting trip friends. It’s an adventurous wild whitewater rafting day any day all season long.  For those of you that can be super selective and are ready for 4 class V rapids and whitewater excitement throughout this river trip than don’t miss out rafting with Northeast Whitewater on Canada Falls class V river rafting day trip. Only 1 time all season long, you’ve gotta plan for it.  All of these adrenaline junkie whitewater rafting trips are available at Northeast Whitewater. You just need to get your adventure on and come rafting with us!

From Away or From Maine

Whether you are from Maine (a Mainer) or “from away” as Mainer’s say, most folks don’t know aboutmaine waterfall hike some uniquely awesome natural wonders here in our state or the state you must choose to visit – Maine!  Gulf Hagas is a gorge located in the mountains of the Maine woods and is often referred to as the Grand Canyon of the East or as we call it the Grand Canyon of Maine. The West Branch of the Pleasant River cuts through the earth for three miles creating a vertically walled slate gorge with numerous waterfalls. A trail follows the rim of the canyon offering hikers views of the falls and its geology.  Gulf Hagas is one of 14 National Natural Landmarks in the State of Maine. Northeast Whitewater leads guided hikes to this awesome natural wonder.

Mainer’s and folks from away, have you heard of Ice Caves? Northeast Whitewater guides Ice cave excursions, yes even in the summer! Intrigued? Heavy boulders that were plowed together by glaciers during the last ice age created the ice caves in Maine’s north woods. There are metal rungs, courtesy of the Nature Conservancy, to climb down into the cave. As you descend into the ice cave, the temperature drops – much like walking into an air-conditioned room or freezer, so bring an extra layer with you on this trek!  Both of these unique nature experiences are near to Northeast Whitewater, so why not cross off your list an ice cave excursion or come see Maine’s Grand Canyon with us?!

Ready to choose the best Maine rafting company to offer the best whitewater rafting and Moosehead outdoor adventure for your best group adventures?  Contact Northeast Whitewater today 207-695-0151 and browse our trips.

Make Moose a Must when you visit Maine!

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Make Moose a Must when you visit Maine!  Make the most out of your Maine vacation with the best moose tour experience.  Did you know?Maine-moose-tours

  • The flap of skin under the moose’s throat is called a bell.
  • Moose have no top front teeth.
  • After the first calf, moose often have twins and can even have triplets.
  • Moose have very poor eyesight and can only see about 25 feet.
  • Moose have an excellent sense of smell -those big noses are good for something!
  • Only male moose grow antlers, which they shed in early winter and re-grow during the year.  The main function of moose antlers is for display during mating season (September).
  • Moose are crepuscular, meaning they are most active during dawn and dusk.

The search for Moosehead’s most famous resident -the moose- is an exciting and wild experience, and yes!- moose are bigger than you could ever imagine! Maine moose can weigh 1,000+ pounds and stand over seven feet tall!  Did you know that moose in our area outnumber people from 3 to 1? That is because Maine is one of the few states with a thriving moose population and the Moosehead Lake area and North Maine Woods is home to these giants.Maine Fall Foliage Moose Watching

Even though our moose population is strong, visitors still need some added help to know where to look to spot a moose. Our registered Maine guides can help with that!   Our moose watching tours run in the morning and evenings daily and are centered around the habitat of moose; when they are moving to feed, grazing in the wood lots, chomping on the pond weeds and providing a natural, scenic and wild experience.  Our guides take guests to secluded ponds where moose feed, undisturbed, on vegetation -pond weed is high in sodium and a delicacy for moose! When the pond vegetation is not a prevalent in early Spring and Fall, guides know of the secret hideouts in the Maine woods to spot moose and take guests for maximum moose sighting opportunities.  Wild experiences like moose watching are unique experiences that guests visiting Maine must do. Prepare to be wildly wowed on our wildlife and moose watching tours.

Tips for the best moose watching:

  • The best times to see moose are early in the morning or around dusk.  Remember, moose are crepuscular?!
  • The best time of year to see the most moose on Northeast Whitewater Moose Watching tours is in May, June and July.  But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go moose watching in August, September or October. Just make sure to check with Northeast Whitewater guest services about the best time and which tour (van versus canoe) is best during that time.
  • Moose prefer shady, wet areas such as bogs and marshes or woodlots with new sapling growth.  
  • Be cautious driving after dark and be alert for any moose in the road.  

Even though our moose population is healthy, hiring a guide to find moose is wise and will make your search for moose much easier.  Moose tours are offered 7 days a week, morning and evening at Northeast Whitewater. Due to the popularity of our moose watching and wildlife tours, please schedule in advance.  Guests that plan last minute are not always able to join a moose tour due to limited space. We offer many unique ways to moose and wildlife watch with us. Choose from a moose canoe tour or land tour by van to see moose with a group of moose lovers or maybe you are seeking a more personalized private experience, than we offer private moose and wildlife safaris.  Whatever way wildlife and moose watching sounds appealing to you, we have the best guides to provide the best wildlife and moose tour experience. Make MOOSE a MUST when you visit Maine, by planning a Moose Tour with us!  Contact Northeast Whitewater for the best moose tour experience 207-695-0151.